Best 5 Star Hotels In Dubai

Now, most of us when we plan to travel to new destinations, we spend large on travel and try to save the rest of the money for the expenses including shopping. We don’t think of spending much on the stay. A number of us approach accommodations with the mindset that what does it matter; as long as we are comfortable enough and the place is not shady, no one really cares what the additional benefits are.

But, why can’t we make the accommodations more than comfortable and go on to choose luxury? It is important that we make memories for a lifetime. Yes, you might keep going back time and again but that doesn’t make indulging in a little luxury now and then, a crime. So, this time you go to Dubai, we suggest you indulge yourself and your loved ones a little; book a hotel room at one of the 5 star hotels in the city.

If you go out on the search for 5 star hotels, it is quite possible that you may be confused about which one to choose. This is where the need for proper research and the requirement for all the facts come in. What we have done here is that we have put together a list of Dubai 5 star packages to find out the five best luxury hotels in the city.

Best 5 Star Hotels In Dubai

Let us take a look at which ones topped the list:

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah- This is definitely one of the most amazing hotels in not just Dubai but the UAE. It is actually a 7 star hotel with one of the most striking features about it being the fact that it is constructed in the shape of a boat.

With a view of not just the sprawling coast but also the Burj Khalifa, the Burj Al Arab is definitely worth its price. The rooms are again spacious and helps redefine opulence.

Atlantis, the Palm- Another one of the top 5 star hotels in Dubai, Atlantis, the Palm is located beach side and is home to the most opulent surroundings in the city. They have all the makings of a landmark hotel. Priced at 800USD a night, the Atlantis is surely the place you want to be at if you love luxury.

Hyatt Regency- On the banks of the Dubai creek, on the Al Khaleej road in Deira, Hyatt Regency is undoubtedly one of the iconic buildings. It is almost a part of history resplendent in the luxurious parts of the older part of the city. With a great view and proximity to the Dubai Airport, Hyatt has made its mark amongst travelers with their relentless approach to excellence. The architecture is modern and they offer guests free mini bar services.

You will find all kinds of services here including wifi, pool, free parking etc. at an average of anywhere between 200 to 210 USD a night.

Raffles Dubai- Priced anywhere between 400 to 450 USD a night, Raffles is not far behind in the competition to become the best in the business. Not only do they have a great location but they offer personalized service which ensures the guests leave feeling amazing about Arab hospitality.

The rooms are spacious and the baths are roomy enough to let you relax.

Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort- At 420 USD a night, the Hilton Dubai is another premium hotel. It is built on the Dubai Marina giving their guests an opportunity to not only take the cruise down the Marina but also enjoy the nightlife at The Walk.

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