Effective Ways To Tap Hidden Job Markets

The hidden job market includes all the positions that are not advertised through various channels including online job portals and print media. These vacant positions are generally created, communicated or filled by the candidates who are considered either through referrals, word of mouth connections, and other trusted sources or direct contact with a current employee.

To tap into these hidden opportunities, candidates should conduct a thoughtful job search so as to locate these positions, and then apply by making use of their connections. Searching for such positions requires a plan with very clear goals i.e. a candidate should have absolute clarity on the type of work he or she intends to get into; and the candidate should have a focussed list of employers they want to interview with.

Effective Ways To Tap Hidden Job Markets

Having clear goals will enable the job seeker to better use their connections, and network to locate opportunities which are not widely advertised. Apart from the aforementioned full-time job search activities, it is more crucial for the job seekers to dedicate a small fraction of their time in non-communicated or unadvertised job vacancies by brushing their networking skills – a primary key to tap hidden job market.

The hidden job markets are cataloged differently and in most of the cases they are not listed at all, these opportunities are grabbed using a very different and productive mindset altogether. However, unearthing the hidden job market is not a child’s play as this market is not about the school or college networks nor it is a self-promotion task or getting special favors but it’s about filling the gaps, making connections and these can be learned by setting up a different mindset and strategizing the job search plan smartly. An important step in this direction is to stay updated with their network i.e. a candidate should be aware of changes/news in their professional network. This helps candidates stay ahead of the curve by using leads to track a position that might get available, and hence use their network to apply for the same.

Here’s how the job seekers can successfully tap the hidden job market:

Build connections with the insiders– Reach out to the invisible job market by building and initiating connections with the employer or a hiring manager of the preferable organization. If you know the person then you should try to start a dialogue and get the valuable updates about the workspace. Additionally, visit the company’s web page to scan the mail address of the hiring department. Keep your mail precise and constructive, using this communication to introduce yourself and lay out your goals and how your skills can be beneficial for the department and the company overall.

Establishing a line of communication with the department head by writing a crisp and to the point email might help you get an interview call, and provide you with a chance to become a part of the organisation. The aforementioned practice will help you to gain an insight about the company’s position in the market as well, thereby giving you an idea of their hiring needs.

Strategizing your research– The key to success in location hidden opportunities is to be focussed in your search. Answer to questions like “Do I want to work in a company like this?” and “How a particular vacancy will help me to grow in the near future?” will enable you to shorten your list of companies, and hence will make you to focus on developing a meaningful professional network.

Usesocial networking websites wisely– Having a good LinkedIn profile is extremely important as it serves as a peek into your skills and aspirations, and also is like your virtual introduction to potential recruiters. So it is necessary to keep your profile up-to-date. Make your skills visible to the employers as most of them use these sites to get the information about the candidates. Additionally, recruiters keep a check on who is actively looking and how savvy they are in their particular field.  So it is essential to make a smart use of your networking profile as this visible presentation might fetch you with an opportunity you are waiting for.

Networking– To be able to successfully tap into the hidden job market it is essential to tell the people that you are looking for a job. Creating a good network, hence, is a key to succeed. One can build a strong and meaningful network by liking pages of companies they are interested in, by becoming part of groups for people with common skill sets, by reaching out to people who have a common connection and introducing yourself etc. These efforts will definitely put you in an opportune position as you will now be able to have an insight into various organizations, their needs, skills they are looking for, and problems they are working on.

Information on the aforementioned will not only help you locate a hidden opportunity but also provide you with required substance to strike conversation with a potential recruiter. Moreover, one can excel in networking by working on skills like confidence, good communication skills, and flexibility in his/her personality.

Maintaining your network alive– The network created shall be maintained forever as it’s a gateway to the hidden job market. So, it is necessary to stay active and keep updating your profile with current position, skills and latest achievements. Efforts shall be made in growing your network by meeting up people outside the organization, maintaining good notes with the recruiters, actively enrolling in meaningful groups, and registering for networking events among others.

All in all, the aforementioned skills will guide you to extend your network and this will help you to stay ahead of the competition by providing you access to the hidden job market.

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