How Letterbox Media Is Helping Businesses Spread The Word Across London

In this digital age of technological advancement, there are so many different methods available for promotion of businesses that it is easy to sometimes overlook distribution of catalogues, leaflets and unaddressed mails as a means of promoting its businesses, service or product.

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In London, Letterbox Media has proven to be a performer in business marketing. Because of its effectiveness, many businesses spend more than 50% of budget allocated to letterbox marketing and the outcome is that increasing number of people who receive this media channel are positively influenced by it.

Letterbox media unlike emails which might remain unopened are also effective because they are tangible thus more difficult to ignore and are always filled with important information

A higher percentage of London residents prefer catalogues and leaflets because of the ease of reference later. This means that any business that is using these catalogues and leaflets as an advertising medium can count their gains as consumers not only keep these catalogues for a long time but refer to them when making future decisions concerning what to purchase. In fact, printed catalogues is now a vital tool that inspires in-store and online purchases.

With the decline in patronage of local newspapers, letterbox media has become in London one of the most important tool of advertising which not only delivers information but communicates with consumers about businesses.

Research also shows that in London, Businesses using Letterbox media have the advantage of having a wider reach than those using any other media channels like e-mail, web advertising, newspapers and even the local radio as nine out of ten people report that they are happy to receive catalogues/unaddressed mails/leaflets regularly from retailers.

Most interestingly however, fast moving consumer goods brands have experienced a boost in their businesses within London as they have become the very popular with consumers due to letterbox media and almost three quarter of London residents say they are happy to receive unaddressed mails and leaflets from them even up to twice in a month.

Letter box media is both simple and affordable; the impact is enormous as it connects businesses in London to residents’ doorsteps and cuts across all age groups.

London residents are avid readers and love to get their hands on anything interesting to read while they shuttle around the city, because of this letterbox media is now comparable to Facebook as per its reach. This means that not only do businesses spread the word across London but it helps drives the sales in the business as a high percentage of London leaflets readers are more likely to read another when next they receive it in their letterbox.

Because letterbox media uses precise audience targeting method, the result is a communication that is highly personalized because leaflets and brochures are delivered to customers in their houses, flats or business which yields a higher consumer response.

Small and local business now target consumers by demographic in London to match the needs of their business and using unaddressed mail marketing, the result is a wide spread information concerning their business.

The secret to its success however lies in being unique as against other competitors just like in digital marketing. Glowing and eye-catching logos, fonts and paper choice with key message being clearly communicated helps makes the difference.

In conclusion, it is unarguable that letterbox media is a very relevant, well received and powerful medium in London businesses today as it helps get the message across at the right time and at the right place. Why not visit Letterbox Media ( for more information.

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