How to Choose the Best Moisturizer for your Skin

Moisturizing your skin is an essential part of everyday life. Your skin, oily or dry is always in need of some form of hydration to keep it clean, porous and breathing. In case of oily skin, the skin should be moisturized in considerate amounts while people with dry skin should keep hydrating at regular and shorter intervals. Moisturizers and cleansers function by sealing moisture onto the outer layer of the skin and by taking moisture from the inner layers to the outer one as well. They are indispensable to modern life and are found in almost all women’s handbags, no matter the skin type, profession or interests.

But, the choices are quite overwhelming when it comes to choosing a moisturizer. A trip to the supermarket will tell you how confusing it is to choose the most suitable moisturizer for your skin; the range, designs, ingredients and USPs are mind- blowing. Every design is there to catch your eye and sell; it almost feels like an ordeal to be able to zero in on one. Moreover, the prices are mind- boggling.

Creams containing more or less similar extracts might be stacked on the cheaper shelves and might also be found on the out- of- reach, expensive ones. Some might offer a facial like glow or promise acne removal along with moisturization. Thus, one is more often than reduced to a confused soul who does not know which one to pick. Let us look at some basic things to look out for while choosing the right moisturizer for your skin in Singapore:

Ingredients: Always look for the ingredients in the cream before you are lured in by offers and ads. Glycerin, Petrolatum etc. are safe ingredients that are good for most skin types; others you might want to check with your skin specialist before trying. Also, always buy the cream from a well- reputed company.

Skin- type: Although most people are more or less aware of the kind of skin they have, it is still a good idea to show yourself to a specialist who can point out what kinds of creams to use. Accordingly, choose the cream that works best for you by going through its ingredients.

Sunscreen: It is absolutely imperative that you choose the best tinted moisturizer with sunscreen. One of the vary basic ways of keeping your skin healthy and glowing is to avoid direct exposure to UV. So buy a cream, which has an SPF 30 at the very least.

Prescription: In case your skin is prone to bouts of irritation and is conspicuously sensitive, make sure you only buy prescribed creams, which work well with your skin type. You should be able to avoid acne, pigmentation, rash or irritable skin if you do so.

Use: First of all, a moisturizer can only work wonders with regular use. You can’t expect it to show results on sporadic application. Also, always use the moisturizer on damp skin: the effects are better and long- lasting.

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