MapR Technologies Breaks The Silo

Gartner Research released its 2016 report on the best new players and innovative ideas in the data warehouse, big data and data management solutions industry, particularly for analytical applications, and MapR Technologies was one of the top highlights in the release. MapR Technologies is only provider so far with a converged data platform product, allowing customers to crunch analytics in real time modules while drawing data from multiple global application sources.

Gartner focused on industry players showing unique and breakthrough avenues in the field of data management. They were particularly focused on companies that showed promising work in the area of analytics across multiple platforms and data formats and diverse digital sources. This ability to converge or marry disparate data types easily has been one of the primary challenges of the past, with early data management always hobbled by the need to get everything into the same standardized format before it could be manipulated together. The new ability to converge has customers already realizing the possibilities as they continue to look for new ways to manage big data across varied platforms at the same time. As many see it, convergence is literally the next evolutionary step in the progress and development of data warehouse strategy theory.

MapR Technologies Breaks The Silo

The MapR Converged Data Platform

It has already proven itself to be a reliable tool when running well known data systems. Experience has already proven smooth application with features such as Hadoop, Spark, distanced event streaming, traditional database programs, web -scale and cloud -based storage accessing, and single cluster program operations. At the same time, the MapR Platform has been repeatedly measured and shown to be the fastest data infrastructure available right now with reliability and secure data transmission and storage. For those running multiple systems and multiple dashboard reporting programs, the total cost of operation savings alone are becoming obvious to those who compare what they have against MapR’s Platform.

There is no first time out the gate goofiness or error prone performance from MapR’s products. Instead, they are handling big data demand smoothly with production-hardened tools that not only protect business continuity but provide ready means for disaster recovery as well. The mirroring of data between centers is flawless and smooth, literally running in real-time parallel support. This provides a seamless takeover and transition when one center stalls or suddenly an operational issue.

The MapR Platform breaks the barrier so often limiting many of today’s new tools that offer great possibilities but are handicapped by operating in program silos or standalone application. Instead, MapR’s approach allows far greater integration of different database tools. This reduces human error is stitching end reports together from disparate systems, it protects system data far better, and it allows faster and more powerful synergies with the totality of collective data being leveraged as one system finally.

Given all the promising features of Map-R Technologies, it becomes fairly obvious why Gartner Research named the company the visionary of 2016 in its latest industry report.

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Gartner Research recognized Map-R Technologies as the latest big breakthrough in data management and big data convergence tools.

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