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Office Fashion On A Budget – Looking Good At Work For Less

September 11, 2015

They often say that the office is not a catwalk, but in reality it is extremely important to look good at work day in and day out. It’s not simply about strutting your stuff and showing off, but rather one of human nature whereby we simply cannot perform to our maximum potential unless we are confident of our appearance. Of course, there’s a very big difference between looking good at work and heading into the office each day as if you were attending the Oscars. A difference some still don’t seem to have figured out for themselves, but for those who simply want to look and feel the parts to a more sensible extent and ideally do so without paying over the odds, what kinds of tips to the UK’s leading style experts recommend?

Here’s a quick look at five simple tips from the folks at Bella Fashion Queen on how to look good at work for less:

1 – Check Your Inventory

So right off the bat comes the brilliantly money-saving tip of not heading out to pick up a new wardrobe until you have first have a very good look at what you already have in your own. You might be pleasantly surprised just how much stuff you already have in there to work with, which may just need mixing and matching around a little bit perhaps with a few accessories. Rather than looking to kit yourself out for the office head to toe in new outfits, it’s always a good idea to see what kinds of bits and pieces you may already be able to work with and then focus on supplementing these with other bits and pieces you may need to invest in.

2 – Layer Up

One of the very best ways of ensuring you look good at work while at the same time saving money and indeed turning heads for all the right reasons is to get a little creative with the layering. For example, heading out of the summer and into the autumn you could always try continuing wearing your summer clothes only with creative layering efforts to ensure they remain warm and practical.  Something as simple as adding leggings and sleeves to a summer dress can transform an outfit in an instant and needn’t cost you a great deal of money to do.  If you buy clothes that are all compatible with each other and can be used to layer up an outfit in dozens of different ways, you’ll never find yourself struggling to find something to wear.

3 – Accessorise

As already touched upon, accessories can be your best friends when it comes to sprucing up your outfit without having to spend a great deal of money. Perfect examples include things like scarves or belts which have the potential to completely transform what you are wearing despite having barely changed anything or indeed spent anything at all. So rather than overspending on a bunch of new outfits for the office, try instead working with what you already have and making a few changes here and there with clever use of accessories.

4 – Quality Vs Quantity

If you are looking to buy new clothing for work and intend to be in this job for quite some time to say the least, it is in your best interests to think more about quality than quantity. The reason being that if for example you were to invest in one very high quality smart jacket for use in the office, chances are it will become the kind of staple that you use on a regular basis long term. By contrast, if you are to invest in much cheaper garments just for the sake of getting more garments for your money, chances are they will be fading and falling apart pretty quickly and will end up needing replacing.

5 – Keep it Simple

Last but not least, try not to lose sight of the fact that the more complicated you make your own personal style and in the office and indeed the more elaborate the garments and accessories you buy, the more difficult it is going to be for you to continue making outfits and keeping your look fresh. By contrast, if you ensure that everything you buy is relatively simple and remains within a specific colour palette, you will eventually find yourself with a wardrobe where everything goes with everything and not only do you look fabulous every day, you barely have to put any effort whatsoever into deciding what to wear.

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