Push Your Bathroom Into The Luxe Zone

Want to add a luxury twist to your boring bathroom? Here are some of the main elements for turning a humdrum space into a spa-style haven. Take your pick from these ideas and see which ones could work for you in your bathroom makeover project…

Set the Tub Free

If you’ve got the space, a free-standing bathtub is where it’s at. Interior design junkies are queuing up for tubs that make a statement. Monumental stone, polished concrete, porcelain, perspex or gleaming copper all tick the luxe boxes, so if you’ve got the budget, strong floors and enough space, a free-standing tub marks out any bathroom as classy.

Double Deluxe

End sink-wars by installing double vanity units that incorporate twin basins. For twice the functionality and style, a vanity unit fitted with plenty of underneath storage, lots of counter top space and fantastic lighting is the perfect way of pushing the luxe-looks to the max.

Push Your Bathroom Into The Luxe Zone

Shower Chic

With so many beautifully designed shower units on the market, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Sleek, enclosed capsule models can look stunning. Equally, walk-in showers are spacious and contemporary in style, fitting in with most interiors.

Intelligent high tech showers offering integral massage, temperature and flow regulation, lighting, steam treatments, entertainment systems and more, mean that stepping into the shower could be akin to helming the Starship Enterprise. Enjoy being pampered in modern showers designed to make you feel a million dollars.

Fine Fittings

Taps, faucets and shower-heads come in a range of options. Rainfall shower-heads are still popular, often combined with other options for times when speed and convenience override indulgence and relaxation. Chrome fittings continue to offer quality and style but there is a move towards alternative finishes such as copper, gold and brass and some retro stylings that go back to the basics of raw plumbing and pipework exposed to the world. Whatever your taste, the range and diversity of taps, shower-heads and fittings is certain to excite and inspire.

Any bathroom upgrade requires expertise and knowledge of plumbing, design and building regulations, so finding a reliable contractor is vital. With www.fiveoaxbathroomplumbingandheating.co.uk you get a comprehensive service that marshals all these skills and gets beautiful results every time.

Warm Words

Nothing feels more luxurious than stepping out of the shower onto a warm floor. Seriously consider installing under-floor heating in any bathroom that demands a note of luxury. Under-floor heating is simple to fit and can work well with many different flooring options including stone, tile and wood.

Magnificent Materials

With the shift towards spa-style bathrooms the materials used to put together designs have changed. There is a focus on high-end natural materials such as marble, stone, granite and hardwoods to re-create the sanctuary feel of up market hotels and spas. Teamed with expanses of tempered glass, gleaming porcelain and tiles ranging from large scale to tiny mosaic, the scope for producing something unique and special is endless.

Seating Plan

A relaxing bathroom space should have a comfortable place to sit. A plush upholstered armchair is a great place to paint your toenails or sip a glass of wine whilst waiting for your face pack to work its magic. Providing a place to sit underlines the fact that this bathroom is a place to linger and relax – not rush and stress-out.

Light Fantastic

Getting the correct mood lighting is so important to the atmosphere in the bathroom. Avoid harsh overhead light close to mirrors as it will cast unflattering shadows. Better to fit wall sconces either side for softer glow. Different zones demand their own lighting design – the shower, over the bathtub, vanity units – think carefully about where to position lighting for the ideal blend of practicality and luxe appeal. Natural light should be maximised in a bathroom. Sleek interior wooden shutters are an elegant way of controlling light and privacy levels as well as offering a compact and neat window treatment. For an unexpected injection of lighting glamour, a vintage Venetian crystal chandelier never fails to do the trick!

Turning a dull bathroom into a hedonist’s hide-out is not for the faint hearted. Remodelling bathrooms can cause upheaval and inconvenience. However, when you plan well in advance and use the services of experienced professionals, the job will go smoothly and swiftly. Good news for those wanting to introduce a little luxury into their daily bathroom routines…

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