Selecting and Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer for Road Accidents

In recent times it has been observed that most cases of personal injury involve road accidents of one kind or another. In case of minor accidents where very little physical or car damage has occurred, the individual can handle the case himself and settle the matter with the insurance company. But in case of major road accidents where victims are severely hurt, the car damage is extensive and or there may have been a loss of life, individuals may require hiring legal aid and representation through a good automobile accident attorney.


When one is looking to hire a lawyer, there are certain things that he or she needs to bear in mind while doing so. The most important things to concentrate on would be to check the lawyer’s experience, skill levels, commitment, location of the place where he or she practices and the fee structure.

Points to keep in mind while you hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

The local injury attorneys should be well acquainted with all state and national transport laws of the place where the accident has occurred. This will enable him to effectively deal with the insurance and health care companies. It is equally important to check the lawyer’s background, references and track record.

The deadline to file a personal injury claim differs from region to region. Hence, it is advisable to hire a lawyer at the beginning itself. This is essential because the victimmay require financial assistance to meet medical expenses. It is wise to hire a personal injury lawyer within one or two weeks of the occurrence of the accident.

Before one consults a personal injury lawyer, the individual must have some basic information handy with him. It would be helpful to have maximum information regarding the accident, any physical injuries and financial loss that may have been incurred. The lawyer would be assisted if he is provided with car documents, insurance policy papers, medical bills and information that may have been exchanged at the time and place of the accident.

There may also be a number of questions that the victim or his family may wish to ask the lawyer at the time of hiring him. The most common questions that one may ask the lawyer would be typically related to his type of practice and the fees that he would charge the client. The questions asked would be on the lines of; what percentage of your practice is exclusively dedicated to car accident cases? What and how much experience does he have in the area of the specific kind of injury related to that case? Approximately how much compensation can the victim expect to receive in such cases? What is the lawyer’s fee structure? Will the victim be required to pay any additional charges during the investigation process?

Most good lawyers accept a road accident case on what is known as “contingency fee”. This means that the lawyer will not accept or expect any monetary compensation from the client until he wins the case and has received the required compensation from the insurance company or the party at fault. Talk to a lawyer now!

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