Top 5 Stretching Machines Workout Tips Every Fitness Person Should Know

There is no doubt that the muscles in your body have to be stretched in order to carry out rigorous workouts. Flexibility of your body is very important for any strenuous workout regime. The full range of motion of every joint will help you to achieve peak performance when exercising on machines or otherwise. The muscles will get elongated when you stretch. You can either opt to do static stretching or even stretch your body for intense workouts using stretching machines. A good 5 minute stretch of your body before a workout will help a great deal to complete the workout without any hassles or injuries.

Top 5 Stretching Machines Workout Tips Every Fitness Person Should Know

The following are the five stretching exercises that you can do on the floor or using the machine that aids in stretching.

Stretching Hamstrings

The hamstrings are very important muscle group of your legs that needs a good stretching before workouts.

  • You will have to split your legs apart by sitting on the machine and strapping your legs to the machine’s side parts. This will help in holding your legs wide apart.
  • If you are stretching the right leg, reach the toe with your right hand and try to reach the feet with your left. Hold on this for 30 seconds to 60 seconds. Now, do the same for the left leg.

Groin Stretch

The next stretching exercise is for the groin area. Sit on the floor and make sure that the back toes and fingers and the heels of both the legs are touching each other like a butterfly shape. You should now press your elbows down on both the legs in order to increase the stretch and to make the legs touch the ground.

Stretching the Hips

  • Lie flat on your back on the yoga mat. Try to lift one leg up and then slowly bring the knee to your heart.
  • Lift the other leg also and bring the knee towards your heart. Now, take the left leg and place in on the knee of the right leg.
  • Keep it there for 30 to 40 seconds and then repeat the same procedure on the other leg.
  • This will help in giving a good stretch to your hips and back.

Shoulder Stretch

You can sit on the stretching machines to do this stretching exercise. The primary and the secondary deltoids will be benefited by this stretch and its muscle will get elongated and ready for the workout. It is a very simple and easy stretching exercise, but is very effective in helping you flex your shoulders during the workout. You should take your left hand and place the fingers onto your right shoulder. The right arm must be pressing the elbow of the left hand to give a good stretch to the left shoulder. Hold on to this pose for 30 to 40 seconds. Now try the same on the other hand.

Stretching the Triceps

The triceps at the back of your hands also need a good stretch before any exercise routine. Sit on the machine that you use for stretching and take your right hand through the back of your head towards the left shoulder. Use your left hand to hold the elbow of the right hand and to keep it touching your left shoulder. Hold on to this pose for about 45 seconds. Repeat the same procedure for the left hand. This is a very good stretching routine that will fire up the three heads of your triceps muscles.

By trying out all these stretching routines, you will be in better shape to work out on stretching machines to make your body even more flexible and to gain full range of motion for all the muscle groups.

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