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10 Fitness Experts To Follow In Twitter

May 9, 2016

The beauty of today’s technology is that it allows for immediate connections between people from around the world. Social media has proven to be an excellent resource for direct communication with experts, and can be extremely helpful for those looking to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle. Whether you are looking for tips like Phentermine dosage instructions or the best exercises for your abdominal muscles, these are the top 10 fitness experts to follow on Twitter.

  1. Men’s Health Magazine @MensHealthMag

One of the most well-known magazines around the world, Men’s Health is chock full of great tips – particularly for men. This account often provides great tips on lifestyles issues like the best fitness routines out there and nutrition tips, but also contains plenty of information on other topics as well.

  1. Vani Hari, Food Babe @thefoodbabe

Vani Hari spends a lot of time looking into why certain foods are good for you while others are bad, and her blog contains updates about products from around the world. Her account is great for both men and women who are interested in knowing more about what they are putting into their mouths.

  1. Joyce Schneider, The Cook and the Cardiologist @JoyceSchneider1

Joyce Schneider’s account is great to follow because she is someone who loves to cook and eat food, but wants to do so in a healthy way – without giving up good taste. Her and her husband run a blog devoted to learning how what we eat affects the heart and cardiovascular system.

  1. Carla Binberg @mizfitonline

As a trainer, bodybuilder, blogger, and health expert, Carla Binberg has tons of information that will keep you motivated during your weight loss. Her account is great to follow because she advocates for people to learn their own approach to health and wellness.

  1. Douglas Robb, Health Habits @healthhabits

Douglas Robb may be known for his book on Paleo diets, but he is also a well-known fitness and nutrition expert who shares regular tips with his followers. He covers topics from exercises to foods, so he’s a great resource for those looking for new advice.

  1. Josie Maurer @yumyucky

Josie’s account is great for mothers of children who are looking for plenty of tips to keep a healthy lifestyle. As a foodie, she is another account that is great for those who want healthy food options but don’t want to sacrifice taste.

  1. Monica Reinagel @nutritiondiva

Reinagel is a well-known nutritionist and has a podcast that attracts listeners from around the world. Her twitter account posts quick updates about nutrition-related issues, and enjoys educating her followers about some of the field’s most recent updates.

  1. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson @therock

It’s true, The Rock’s twitter account is an excellent source of motivation for strength training. He’s long been known for his intensity, and he approaches his workouts in the same way. This account is great for men or women who need a little extra motivation on a regular basis.

  1. Crossfit @crossfit

You don’t have to participate in their workouts to gain some of the motivation and inspiration that the Crossfit account provides. They regularly update new workouts and post plenty of quotes and success stories from people who have achieved their body goals.

  1. Tina Haupert, Carrots ‘N’ Cake @carrotsncake

Tina’s account is great to follow for those who are looking to have a balanced diet without sacrificing good foods. As a nutritionist, she looks for foods that can help maintain a healthy weight, but also ways to provide for plenty of indulgence.

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