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10 Styling Tips For Tall Women

September 8, 2015

Tall women usually get noticed by people each time even if they dress conservatively to blend with the crowd but you can give yourself a WOW look by using some of these styling tips. Go ahead, read and use these tips.

Do not Avoid Heels:

Usually tall women avoid heels but the fact is that they add to their status and confidence. Try and use them with any outfit like 6’5″ Lisa Leslie, the former professional basketball player. You should never fear or avoid heels. If you look longer it will always be a plus bonus for you.

Wear Beautiful Shoes:

If you are tall, people will look at your feet to check whether you have worn heels or not. You can take advantage if this extra attention by wearing beautiful shoes. Whether you wear flats, heels or athletic shoes, they deserve everyone’s look.

Show a Bit of your Skin:

Tall women can take advantage their skin they have by exposing it bit more without looking unpleasant. For example you can pair your backless outfit with long jeans or skirt to grab attention of onlookers.

Use Oversized Accessories:

Oversized accessories like wearing thick bangles or carrying giant bag will not give a feel that you are dressed up in your mom’s clothes as in the case of short women. Tall women should use one oversized accessory that is suitable with their outfit to look gorgeous at any occasion.

Pair Wide with Narrow:

If you’re broad shouldered jacket or wide legged pants make you feel shy because of their men-like look then instead of wearing them together you can pair them with narrow fitting clothes like wear tight top with wide legged pants or skinny jeans with broad shouldered jacket.

Emphasize your Neck:

You should highlight the long area of your neck by using suitable neckline accessory if you are getting ready for a night out. It will be interesting to pull your hair back and wear large earrings or necklace to decorate your neckline.

Look Simple:

Instead decorating yourself with bracelets, belts, scarves and hats every tall women can use her height as an accessory to attract other’s attention. They should use one or two simple accessories with good looking outfit to finish their fashion styling.

Think Brilliantly:

Women usually add colors to their outfit to increase their confidence but tall women should not add too many colors to look attractive. They can improve their looks by wearing brown jacket with turquoise necklace or little black dress with red heels. In fact your favorite accessories like bright belt or narrow waist can add required color to your personality.

Look Like a Drama Queen:

Tall women may not look dramatic in routine but if they use bright red lipstick or dramatic eyeliner then you can look wonderful as they draw extra attention. You can wear challenging makeup at least once in a month while meeting the girls of your age group.

Experiment with your Hair:

There is a misconception that tall women with short hair give a masculine look. But it is not true. Many top models including tall girls make changes in their hair style to look gorgeous at any occasion because they grow back and their style can be changed anytime.

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