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10 Technology Logo Design Trends For 2016

May 30, 2016

Some logo design trends are now visibly clear to everyone in 2016. These trends are visible in technology logo designs as well. So, here is a list of these trends and find out if your business logo to adhere to the new changes happening in the design world.

  1. Breaking Old Rules – Logo designers are experimenting with concepts, colors, space, fonts and all other elements, not adhering to what sold school of designing taught. For instance, some technology logos are in the shape of movement and not usual static form. So, to give impression of movement, some of the elements are repeated in the design.
  2. Use of Classic Typefaces – While designers are experimenting with the logos, they are also using classic letterforms or hand-cut letters to give logos are touch of sophistication and aesthetics. Designers are creating custom letterforms too.
  3. Dynamic logos – A new trend that has picked up fast is to create different versions of technology logo. Each version depicts an aspect of the business of the same company. This also means that a company can use different logos to suit an occasion.
  4. Use of Simple Design – Simplicity of technology logos is very much evident as you visit many such logos. The designers want to present a business and company in an honest manner without any exaggeration of message.
  5. Preference to Logotype – More and more technology companies prefer logotype or wordmark logos that involve company name. This is because they want viewers to know their company name instantly for brand recognition purpose.
  6. Lowercase Lettering – Lowercase lettering is in the fashion for technology logo design. These small typefaces are a way to show that the company is approachable for customers and has a business friendly environment.
  7. Use of Solid Spot Colors – Another technology logo trend is use of spot colors. This is because designers are now well familiarized with printing process. They are now realizing value of spot colors, and prefer them to color palettes.
  8. Simple but Unique Concept – Designers are creating technology logos with unique concepts but the design is simple. They prefer simple logos that make good sense.
  9. Use of Stenciled Typography – Though not a well established trends, still you may find some logos created in a style that gives impression of stenciled typography to look different.
  10. Creativity Rules – Most of the technology logos you will come across are examples of create designs. Such logos are based on unique concepts, use of different fonts and colors, use of negative space, flat designs and a lot of experimentation involved.

If you are thinking of creating a unique technology logo for your company, then keep these trends in mind.

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