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10 Tips For Designing Your Own Fashion Logo, Even If You Don’t Know How

August 10, 2016

If are owner of a fashion business, however smaller it may be, you need to pay extra attention to your logo. Remember that your fashion logo is in fact face of your company. An attractive logo representing your business in competitive niche market will mean that you can grab attention of potential customers. Therefore, it is not surprising that even big fashion brands continue to redo their logos and tweak it to give it contemporary look.

So, here are key considerations that you need to keep in mind always while designing fashion logos.

  1. Identify Your Brand – As a logo designer, your first concern should be to know more about your client’s fashion brand. Find out its fashion style and niche market. Know if it is a luxury brand or a budget one. Is it an urban or preppy brand?
  2. Research Other Fashion Logos – Have you compared many fashion logos? If not than you must have a good collection of leading logos from the industry and find out what makes them unique. Know which colors and fonts are commonly used in fashion logo designs.
  3. Know Your Fashion Niche – What is the target market of your client’s fashion business? Is it a fashion magazine, a fashion blog or a company selling designer clothes? You would be selecting fonts, colors and other elements accordingly for creating clothing brand logos. For example, most of the fashion magazine logos use serif fonts, all caps.
  4. Experiment with Typefaces – Typefaces are your best bet to create unique fashion logos that stand out with a message and personality. Fortunately, many high-end fonts, which were too expensive for small businesses, are now accessible free on the web. You can compare these magnificent typefaces in order to find out which one of them will be more suitable to express your fashion brand personality adequately.
  5. Use Symbols Wisely – Many designers make mistake of being too literal. For example, if a fashion brand sells shoes its logo has shoes. Public and logo experts alike do not appreciate such obvious illustration in logos. Remember that great logos do not use such imagery and instead they convey message with unique symbols. For example, sports shoes maker Nike does not have a shoe in its logo.
  6. Create Logo in Black & White – Since you would be using fashion designer logos in its colorless version on billboards, newspaper ads, photocopies, stationery, business cards etc, it must appear impressive in black and white too. So, create logo design without colors and if you find it satisfactory, then fill colors for maximum impact.
  7. Test your Logo – You will be using fashion logo on different social media like Twitter and Facebook. The logo must look equally remarkable on each of these platforms. The visitors should not find it shocking to see a distorted version of your fashion logo on Twitter as compared to better-looking logo on other social channels.
  8. Keep Logo Simple – Make it certain that your clothing logos look simple. All global brands boast of simple logo designs, as they want audience to identify the logo immediately with its brand. So, design your logo with minimalistic approach by eliminating unnecessary use of colors, fonts, icons etc elements.
  9. Convey your Message – Your fashion brand surely has a message for its customers, which is the reason you are in the business and market. Write down the message in precise words and incorporate design elements carefully to reflect the message appropriately.
  10. Take Advice – When you are finished with your fashion logo design, do not finalize it until you have asked your peers, experts and other people for suggestions. You should run a poll on your social pages to find out which version of your fashion logo people like the most. If you find suggestions appropriate, then incorporate them to redesign logo.

Hope that these crucial tips remind you that fashion logos are all about conveying a brand message and that you need to take extra caution in selecting right colors, fonts, icons etc elements.

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