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2 Cloud Solutions For Geologists

December 23, 2015

We live in perilous time where natural calamities strike more frequently than ever before. Our most potent line of defense against disasters such as earthquakes, landslides, floods and volcanic eruptions is spear-headed by Geologists. Geologists nowadays have the luxury to rely upon latest and sophisticated technological advancements such as cloud solutions to aid in their studies. By incorporating cloud solutions such as hosted virtual desktop and cloud hosted SharePoint, geologists can effectively quicken the pace of their computations / analyze their findings and broaden the circumference of key activities such as mapping.

What does Hosted Virtual Desktop bring to the Table for a Geologist?

It wouldn’t be farfetched to claim that data gathering is the core activity in geology. Compiling huge amounts of data in a complex format and its analysis is an everyday activity for a geologist. This is where a hosted virtual desktop comes in. Hosted virtual desktop endows a geologist working in the field, ability to access their own user interface through their tablet or mobile device. They are freed from the burden of worrying about exceeding storage space or not having enough computational efficiency. Hosted virtual desktop also brings other advantages to the table such as:

  • Scalable resources
  • Cost control
  • Greater security

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Scalable Resources:

As mentioned earlier, availing a hosted virtual desktop puts scalable resources like storage and processor speed at customer’s disposal. Scalable here entails that these resources can be augmented to match the increasing workload and demand or vice versa.

Cost control:

Let’s assume that a group of geologists is operating in a field. According to conventional norms each would have to be equipped with their own separate laptop to record and store their data. But by opting for hosted virtual desktop, these geologists can literally carry around a virtual yet fully functional rendering of their desktop complete with applications, software and other crucial necessities. This significantly reduces the cost of purchasing hardware.

Greater Security

In an environment where data is the most precious commodity, the security measures have to be absolutely foolproof. Hosted virtual desktop provides impeccable security by storing data in a secure and centralized location under layers of encryption. This measure safeguards the data from theft, espionage and corruption.

How Geologists can benefit from Cloud based SharePoint?

Collaboration, communication and project management

The first and very evident benefit of cloud based SharePoint for geologists, is the provision of a unified collaborative platform. Geologists working in distant nook and crannies of the globe can effectively communicate and team-analyze their findings and readings. Using cloud hosted SharePoint, also makes project management a whole lot simpler where every person affiliated with the project has easy access to accurate and up to date information. This facilitates the team to come up with more informed, thorough and unanimous decisions.

Unparalleled document management

When data is the main ingredient of a profession, there’s bound to be a huge repository of documents. A cloud based SharePoint solution provides the ideal setup for storing and accessing all project critical documents. Through cloud based SharePoint, document libraries can be formed in a central and secure location. These libraries are flexible enough to accommodate documents in a multitude of formats and can be accessed through programs which have common familiarity amongst the team. These documents would also be readily available for all team members to access in accordance with their granted predefined permissions. Retaining a document’s integrity is another highly appreciable feature which entails users can view revisions done to a document. If need arises the document can be reverted back to its previous version.

Highly tuned team productivity

Last but certainly not the least, cloud based SharePoint boosts team productivity ten folds. For example, geologists working in tandem can coordinate calendars and get important notifications and updates via announcements. Check, they are a one stop cloud based SharePoint solution provider for business and professions of all magnitudes and offer facilities like free SharePoint online.

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