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3 Avoidable Problems that Can Turn You into a Bad Driver

February 27, 2019

While some people are bad drivers because of poor skills or a general lack of knowledge about the rules of the road, others are bad drivers because of avoidable problems. If you are a bad driver, you may be more likely to be in an accident, to have high insurance rates, to receive traffic citations and more. Identifying if these common and avoidable problems are impacting your activities behind the wheel is a first step toward improving your behavior and becoming a safer driver.

Poor Vehicle Maintenance

Your vehicle must be in excellent condition in order to function properly on the road. Something as simple as a cracked windshield, bald tires or old windshield wipers can limit your ability to drive safely. Windshield services, tire rotations, and other services are generally affordable and may play an essential role in your ability to operate your vehicle safely in all driving conditions. Keep in mind that these are only some of the many aspects of vehicle maintenance that require your regular attention. A smart idea is to follow your automaker’s suggested maintenance schedule.

Regularly Running Late

If you are habitually running late, there is a good chance that this behavior may be affecting your driving activities. When people get in the car feeling rushed, they may drive more aggressively and may be more likely to feel intense road rage. Speeding, running red lights and blasting through stop signs may also be common. These are dangerous behaviors, and your tendency to be an unsafe driver in these ways may be alleviated if you simply get in the habit of leaving a few minutes earlier.

Distracted Driving

When most people think about distracted driving, they think about smartphone use. Even though people know that smartphone use is dangerous, it is common to see many drivers using their phones behind the wheel. There are other types of distracted driving as well, including eating, applying makeup, smoking and more. Anything that takes your attention off the road and your hands off the steering wheel can be considered distracted driving.

These are all significant and common factors that may contribute to unsafe driving in various ways. Now is the perfect time to honestly assess the condition of your vehicle and your habits behind the wheel. Identify if these or other factors may be affecting your time on the road, and find ways to improve. By doing so, you may avoid minor or serious accidents. You may also eventually qualify for better rates on car insurance.

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