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3 Most Important Things About LED Grow Lights

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June 7, 2016

The invention of the LED (light emitting diode) took place in 1927 but due to lack of awareness about them their usage was limited. They became the red light blinkers for electronics in 1960s, but now LED grow lights are popular for growing indoor plants, especially cannabis. LED grow lights are giving greener, healthier, and more efficient production of plants.

These light emitting diodes are more efficient than HIDs, Fluorescents, and Plasma grow lights. LED grow lights improve the entire indoor growth process by providing the critically required wavelengths of light with minimal heat and half of the electricity consumption.

LED grow lights have seen to yield 1g/watt, with experienced growers yielding even more with the LED’s. These Light Emitting Diodes are often compared with other grow lights with pros and cons for each technology. If you want to grow cannabis and have confusions for choosing the right grow light, consider these points about LED grow lights:

  • Choose LED grow light if you want to grow cannabis with customized spectrum of light.
  • You will invest more on your first set up because LED grow lights cost higher up front but save more money down the line.
  • Choose LED grow light if quality of the harvest is important for you.
  • Choose LED grow lights if you want to simplify the indoor plant growing process instead of going through an exhausting system to take care of them.

How Does LED Grow Light Work?

LED Grow Lights provide optimized light spectrum and stimulate plant growth by enhancing plant metabolic processes. They optimize the output spectrum by focusing on PAR wavelengths. LED grow lights are similar to the other grow light technologies but provide energy efficiency, cooler temperature, and greater range of luminosity.

No matter what season or time of the day it is and how many hours it has been-LED Grow Light will provide the same quality of light for every stage of plant growth.  Here are the reasons for investing in LED Grow Lights:

3 Most Important Things About LED Grow Lights:

LED grow lights have numerous advantages to traditional light sources for indoor plant growth:

  • Environmental Friendly– LEDs use 50% – 60% less electricity and give off little heat. Traditional HID heat up the air in the grow room and use more electricity. CFLs, T5s are more efficient than HID but not as efficient as LEDs and they contain mercury. LED grow lights are made of special quality material and are free of filaments, toxic gases, and vacuum tubes.
  • Customized Spectrum- LED grow lights customize the wavelengths of light emitted from the individual diodes to maximize photosynthesis of plants rather than brightness.
  • Reliability- LED grow lights use dozens of smaller diodes and have long life spans. A routine calculation of an LED life span is 50,000 hours which is greater than metal halide which loses almost 50% of its brightness after a few indoor grows.  Even by the end of their time period, LED grow lights are still able to give 70% light output.

Now-The Three Most Important Things Why LED Grow Light should be chosen amongst the others include:

  • Efficient Photosynthesis:

LED grow lights emit only specific wavelength of light, which plants can easily convert to energy for various stages of growth.  When it comes to indoor growing in soil, hydroponic, or aeroponic systems, LED grow lights work in a very eco-friendly manner.

Plants require sunlight to grow, but in places where the sunlight becomes unavailable, LED grow lights provide the highest rate of photosynthesis to the plants for a given amount of electricity consumed. LED grow lights can be optimized for indoor plant growing.

  • Energy Saving:

LED grow lights are great in saving energy by reducing electricity cost by 50% to 60%. LEDs eliminate unnecessary wavelengths that plants do not use for metabolism. Furthermore, due the reduction of heat, there is less need for venting and air conditioning, providing further reduction of power consumption.

  • Low Heat:

Only a small amount of energy consumed by LED grow lights is converted into heat, which means that LEDs will yield greener, healthier, and fresher plants. There will be no dehydration and the temperature control above the plants will be better.

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