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3 Tips For Keeping Summer Cooling Costs Down

June 5, 2018

It’s important to feel cool and comfortable during the summer months, but nobody wants to break the bank while doing so. Thankfully, there are some easy things you can do to ensure your cooling costs stay low this summer.

Program Your Thermostat

It’s a waste of money to have your AC blasting when you’re not home, so you can easily save money by programming it to be set at a higher temperature when you’re away or during the evening when you’re sleeping and temperatures have dropped. Doing something this simple could lower your energy costs by at least 10 percent. You can also try turning the temperature up a few degrees to see if you can tolerate your home a little warmer. Doing this could save you 18 percent on your energy costs.

Perform Maintenance on Your Cooling System

Air conditioning units need to be maintained in order to function appropriately. Be sure to clean your filters regularly, as dirty ones block air flow and won’t help in reducing your energy costs. It’s also important to clean and replace filters once per month to ensure that they are working properly. Doing this can reduce energy costs by anywhere from 5 to 25 percent. You should also ensure that any registers blowing out cool air aren’t blocked by dust or bulky furniture. Also, be sure to check the cooling unit’s evaporating coils to ensure that they are not clogged with debris such as leaves and dirt.

A lot of simple maintenance can be done easily on your own, but anything you don’t understand or don’t have the tools for should be left to professionals. Even if you do your own maintenance, it may still be a good idea to find a local company like HELP Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric that can inspect your systems periodically to make sure you aren’t missing anything.

Do What You Can to Cool Your Home without AC

There are many ways you can cool your home without central air that can conserve energy. For instance, turning on your ceiling fan and refraining from activities that generate heat, such as cooking and running the dryer. You can also try closing your blinds during the day when the sun is out. The right blinds can reduce heat generated by the sun by a whopping 45 percent. You should also choose blinds that are light in color and consider purchasing ones that are insulated, as they do the best job of reflecting heat from the sun.

There are many easy ways to conserve energy in your home and cut back on your cooling costs this summer. Saving money on your energy bill allows you to partake in more fun summer activities, so be sure to try out these tips this summer so you’re not spending a fortune on cooling your home.

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