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3 Tips to Wow Clients With Your Corporate Town Car

August 27, 2019

Using a fleet vehicle or a company car to transport a client can be an important undertaking. From an airport pickup to showing a client a night on the town, the chance to make a positive impression is not one that businesses can afford to miss. Selecting the right vehicle or ensuring that the driver has the necessary skills to ensure successful interactions with all passengers, there are plenty of ways that your corporate town car can be used to wow both current and prospective clients.

Providing a Qualified Driver

The right driver can be a key asset. Even the most luxurious vehicle can be of little real benefit in the wrong hands and business owners would do well to ensure that their employees are able to provide whatever information or assistance their passengers may require. When it comes to successful client relations, every interaction counts and businesses would do well to remember that their driver often serves as the public face of their organization.

Choose the Right Vehicle

Vehicle choice is another issue that needs to be addressed. Simply assuming that showing up in a town car or luxury sedan will is all it takes to wow a client may prove to be a costly miscalculation. When entertaining out-of-town associates, showing up in the right vehicle can go a long way towards making a professional impression. All vehicles used to transport clients will need to be cleaned thoroughly and detailed often.

Ensuring a More Comfortable Ride

From tinted windows and frosty air conditioning to modifications like flat wheel spacers which may improve handling, every effort should be made in order to provide clients with a more comfortable ride and a more stylish look. Suspension issues or even cosmetic damage to seat covers or interior components could cost lasting damage to your business’s image. Other small comforts and conveniences like cold drinks or the ability for passengers to recharge their personal electronics can also be of benefit.

Maintaining a Professional Image

Transporting a client is comfort and style can help to ensure that they are more likely to relax and enjoy the trip. From a driver’s wardrobe and uniform to the vehicle’s, effective presentation can go a long way towards making a good first impression. Selecting the right employees and providing them with the training and resources the need to better meet the needs of their passengers can go a long way towards wowing your clients during their next trip.

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