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3 Types Of Helpful Equipment You May Have Overlooked Adding In Your Manufacturing Plant

May 4, 2021

For a manufacturing company to achieve maximum quality, speed, and maximum productivity in its operations, it has to invest in several equipment pieces. As much as human force is important and impactful, it cannot deliver some functions, creating the need to employ equipment and machinery. Different industries use different equipment, but some machinery is applicable in all manufacturing plants. For the equipment to be efficient and serve your needs effectively, it is important to have your employees trained on using them and safety measures. Also, ensure they undergo regular repair and maintenance. Below is some of the equipment that you might be missing in your manufacturing plant.

Stacking Frames

In a manufacturing plant, having storage equipment that maximizes space and increases production efficiency is crucial. Stacking frames will play this role in your plant. Stacking frames are interlocking units made from posts and decks where you can store your products as they wait to be transported to their final destination. They are most useful when your plant is busy and requires temporary storage.

Some advantages of using stacking frames are:

  • Reducing product damage
  • Saving on storage space
  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Enhancing a neat and tidy working environment

Robotic Delivery Systems

With innovations every day, it is important to embrace and take advantage of your manufacturing plant’s technology. A robotic delivery system is an automated system that facilitates goods from one point of the warehouse to another or in an assembly line. The engineered system enhances the easy movement of bulky and heavy machinery and products within your plant. Some of the robots in the market are controlled by an RF amplifier.

Advantages of using robot delivery systems are: 

  • Increased safety – Operating heavy machinery can result in employee injuries within the workplace. With the robots, the risk is mitigated.
  • Increased speed and consistent production – Robots are programmed to work consistently without stopping, unlike human beings that may have divided attention between multiple things.
  • Improved quality – Robots are programmed to function in a specific way and are likely to make no mistake leading to improved quality of work and products.

Industrial Hopper

An industrial hopper is a large container used to hold flowable material such as dust, seeds, scraps, and gravel and later dispense them when necessary from the bottom. They are usually cone or pyramidal-shaped, and most are made from steel.

Advantages of hoppers are:

  • Increased team safety
  • Improves plant cleanliness
  • Increased production and convenience

With the above equipment, your manufacturing plant will run more efficiently and effectively. The cost of buying this equipment can be expensive, but the long-run benefits overshadow the cost. It is important to identify the equipment that perfectly works for your business as not all are essential.

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