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3 Ways to Help Employees Feel Refreshed and Ready for the New Year

January 3, 2020

Your company or organization should motivate employees throughout the year, specifically at this time of the season, which is often the most difficult for team members due to the frustration and anxiety attached to meeting end-of-the-year goals, in addition to holiday shopping and preparation for family gatherings. Regardless, you have to find ways to keep your staff engaged, to ensure effective and efficient production. Below are some tips your business can use when trying to help their employees feel refreshed, focused, and motivated at the start of the New Year.

Meet Basic Needs

A happy employee is a productive team player. Therefore, your management team should develop strategies to ensure every staff members’ basic needs are being met. You can conduct surveys, have employees place anonymous suggestions in a locked box inside of the office, or set up one-on-one interviews at the end-of-the-year. The objective is to learn what your company can do to make sure every employee is comfortable within the workplace and that they have the training, knowledge, and tools necessary to start the New Year off refreshed and recharged.

Schedule a Thorough Office Cleaning

Cleanliness can reduce anxiety, frustration, and aggression in employees, which is why you should have the building thoroughly cleaned for the New Year. Clutter in the workplace can slow down productivity and disrupt your staff’s concentration. When you schedule a thorough office cleaning for every room in your building, you can improve your team members’ spirits and motivate them to work efficiently and effectively.

Show Appreciation

You can hand out thank-you tokens to your employees, such as gift cards to popular retailers or prepaid Visa cards. Another way to show your appreciation is by hosting a lunch in honor of your staff’s hard work throughout the year. Instead of asking employees to bring in a dish, have the appreciation lunch catered and keep the dietary needs of every team member in mind. Taking the time to say thank you can inspire your employees to close out the year successfully and carry that motivation into the New Year.

Offer Telecommuting and Other Flexibility Options

The holiday season can be busy for employees, especially if they are hosting family dinners, are visiting friends who live a long way away, or have school-aged children who are out of school for the Christmas holiday. To ease your staff’s load, allow them to create telecommuting schedules for their teams. The employees can also have flexible schedules where they leave early or stay late, based on the needs and availability of other members within their group. The generosity will make employees feel valued and give them motivation going into the New Year.

Providing employees with a little spark is something that all leaders and business owners should try. Taking the time out to meet your staff’s needs and going the extra mile to make them feel appreciated could motivate employees to achieve year-end goals, and help them go into the New Year refreshed and recharged.

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