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3 Ways To Retain Highly Productive Employees

July 30, 2015

Are you worried because your company is dealing with worst employee turnover? Employee turnover is something that many organizations deal due to a number of reasons. Some of the causes of high employee turnover include:

  • Improper work distribution
  • Improper distribution of wages and salaries
  • Inconsistencies in company’s policies
  • Lack of proper training and employee development
  • Absence of automated system that enables managers to promote employees regardless of their personal favors
  • Absence of work-force management principles
  • High load of work
  • Lack of, or minimum, perks and privileges

In addition to that, many employees complain that they did not receive the benefits they were committed by the management. Whatever may be the reason, employee turnover leads to additional expenses of hiring and training, and it ultimately reduces productivity and efficiency of the company.

So, how would you go about resolving this problematic issue?

Will you stick to your policies because you think they are more important for success? Will you go about changing an entire hiring and training system, and alter your policies altogether? Extreme situations need extreme measures, but that’s rather crazy to do as you don’t have enough time to restructure your company. Then there is a lot of cost involved. If you start with calculated steps you may be able to minimize turnover considerably. Think about automation. Think about Employee scheduling software, such as

Well, at this point, you might be least interested in scheduling and rotation, but automated online software are not just meant for scheduling; there are other things associated with it. So, here are few tips that will not hurt your policies that much, and you will be able to achieve your purpose to certain extent.

  1. Allocating High Potential Employees Strategically

With the help of online staff scheduling software, you will be able to allocate productive employees in different shifts, and create a mix of resources to tackle the workload. At the same time, you can give practical knowledge to your new employees by sticking them with old employees. It will help them learn quickly and stand on their toes.

  1. Sharing Productivity Analysis

Sharing analysis is no more a new thing for growing companies, because they are aware of the fact that productivity analysis and sharing motivate subordinates to perform better. If you some of them meet or beat the standards, appreciate them by sharing their KPIs with everyone. Even if they are lacking, they will understand what they need to improve. However, it requires effort to translate the data according to employees’ competence. Here, online employee scheduling software can help you achieve this purpose, through easy-to-understand reports and figures.

  1. Allowing Employees to Participate

Apart from data sharing and utilizing talent, allowing employees to share their experiences helps a great deal in retaining them. If gives them a feeling that they are important part of your company. In this context, the automated scheduling program would help you pin-point experienced and productive individuals. Later on, you can set a meeting with them and ask for suggestions.

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