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3 Ways Your Business Can Avoid a Slow Season

June 26, 2018

Getting through the busy part of the year might be tough, but nothing’s harder than dealing with a slow season. Your profits go down, but your costs never seem to do the same. If you want to avoid the slow season, you might want to consider the three ideas below.


Stay Socially Relevant

If you want to keep your customers coming in all year long, it’s important that you keep in contact with them. That’s why it’s important that you leverage your extra time during the slow season into a stronger online presence. Take some time to make great posts and to offer discounts to your online followers—this will bring more people in through your front door and allow you a better chance to avoid an absolutely empty place of business. Keep cultivating customers as your most important resource even during the slowest parts of the year.


Find a Seasonal Alternative

Another great way to keep your business going during a slow season is to invest in an off-season alternative to your main product. If you have a lawn business, for example, you might want to consider switching over to plowing driveways during the winter. If your business tends to sell fashion styles that are hot during the winter, you might also want to invest in a summer line. Picking a seasonal alternative is a good way to keep your business moving all year long and to make sure that you always have a revenue stream available.


Up Your Marketing Efforts

The common wisdom among seasonal businesses seems to be to drop their marketing budget during the off months, but you can actually secure a great deal of business if you’re willing to do the opposite. One option is to find a marketing service that specializes in your field. If you’d rather do it yourself, up your marketing efforts, placing an emphasis on how much time your customers will save by using your service or products when they aren’t in peak demand. Pushing forward the narrative that your business is useful year-round will resonate with your customers and help to convince them that the off-season is the best to work with you.


You don’t have to let a seasonal slump impact your business. Brace yourself for what is coming and make plans to turn the down times into a rebuilding season. Put more effort into marketing and social media while securing new streams of revenue when you can. With a concerted effort, you will get rid of the idea of a slow season altogether.

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