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4 Advantages Of Using Glass Splashbacks In Your Kitchen

March 20, 2020

A glass splashback is one feature every modern kitchen can benefit from. These beautifully reflective surfaces are stunning elements to incorporate into your new kitchen design or kitchen makeover. Glass splashbacks are attractive, hygienic, built to last, and easy to install. Here is a closer look at four advantages you may not have realized for using glass splashbacks in your own kitchen.

Aesthetically Appealing with Many Options

A glass splashback can make your kitchen appear larger, brighter, and more open. The sleek and shiny surface is reflective, which works nicely with LED lighting or natural daylight. 

The lines for a glass splashback are clean and precise with well concealed seams, when installed by an expert. There are a broad range of color options to choose from for a stained glass appearance. Additionally, you may decide to install mirrored glass for a glossy appearance that will reflect more light in your kitchen. 

Hygienic and Easy to Maintain

Glass naturally repels moisture, grease, and bacteria because it is a nonporous material. Porous materials are more likely to hold in germs and will require more scrubbing and harsher solutions to sanitize them. Glass, however, is much easier to clean and maintain, keeping a brand new appearance over time. Additionally, the material is easy to wipe splashes and fingerprints away from with just a damp sponge or soft cloth. Use liquid glass cleaner and a dry cloth occasionally to restore the reflective finish.

Additionally, glass splashbacks are easier to maintain because they do not typically have grout to clean or repair. Grout tends to wear away and deteriorate over time, which means it frequently needs to be touched up or replaced entirely. 

Heat and Impact Resistant

Toughened or tempered glass is the standard for splashback installations. This is a hardened glass that is stronger than standard plate or sheet glass and is created to be impact resistant. Tempered glass is also heat resistant when exposed to up to 220°C. Because it is such a tough material, glass is a good option as a splashback directly above or behind your stove. Other materials may crack or shatter when continually exposed to hot temperatures, steam, and other residue, but glass is designed to stand strong against these elements.

One Step Installation

Unlike tile, a glass splashback can be installed in one step by a professional glazier with the appropriate tools. The process is less messy and time consuming in your home because the glass is fabricated at the glazier’s shop and is delivered and installed quickly. There isn’t any cutting or need for grout, which simplifies the cleanup afterward.

Nothing makes a bolder statement in a kitchen than a beautiful glass splashback. The look is clean, crisp, and bright. The surface is durable and sanitary. Additionally, maintenance for a glass splashback is a breeze. Before you embark on a new kitchen or a remodel, visit a kitchen showroom or glass merchant’s display to get an idea of how a glass splashback could improve your design.

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