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4 Current Jobs in High Demand

October 28, 2019

When it comes to finding a new career, it helps to pick one that is in high demand. This way, you can be assured that you’ll find an open position in no time. Here are four of the most in demand career fields in 2019 that you should consider.

Application Software Developer

It’s no surprise to anyone that technology is a major player in the business market today. This holds especially true when it comes to mobile devices. There is an ever-increasing demand for those who can create mobile applications for businesses. These individuals typically have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and make around 100,000 dollars per year.

Property Managers

The property management field has increased in demand as more and more individuals are investing in real estate. Many investors simply don’t want to deal with the hassle of handling tenants alongside their day job. This has sparked an increase for individuals who are willing to take care of the managerial tasks of rental properties. The pay-scale for property managers varies widely depending on the number of properties that you handle. The low salaries tend to be around 35,000 dollars while the highs can get up to 130,000 dollars.

Registered Nurse

Also referred to as RNs for short, these positions are in high demand. RNs work to coordinate, education, and provide medical care for patients. They can work at a hospital or other medical facility. Different states have various requirements for this type of certification. Some associate’s programs are accepted while other states require a bachelor’s degree. Most RNs earn around 70,000 dollars per year.

Construction Laborer

If you don’t want to pay for any formal training to invest in a career, then a construction laborer is a great place to start. These jobs typically come with on-site training, so you get paid to learn how to do your job. This career field is one of the most physically demanding as you can expect to be on your feet all day long. The construction field is also known for having a high rate of injuries when compared to other career fields, which is something you should be aware of. Because of this, though, this career is almost always hiring. Most construction laborers can expect to earn around 50,000 dollars per year.

Picking your new career can be fun. However, you must consider the longevity of your new career in the job market. The above four careers are ever growing and are expected to continue to be in demand well into the future.

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