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4 Effective Places to Run Ads to Connect With Younger Generations

October 9, 2021

Running ads should help you grow your business, but you need to put them in places that will link you up with certain demographics. Younger generations might be more interested in particular products and services, and they might also have more discretionary income available if they’re not burdened with mortgages, raising families, or the fixed budget that comes with retirement. Knowing four effective places to run ads that connect with younger generations can do wonders for your business.

Target the Parents

Depending on how young your target generations are, you might want to actually target their parents. If your ideal consumers are so young that their parents make their financial decisions for them or they are just very reliant on their parents’ money, then you might as well aim your ads at those who control the purse strings. Chron suggests targeting the kids with mobile ads they share with parents who can register for something they’re more familiar with, such as postal mail catalogs.

Mobile Ads

Technology has taken over the world, but the younger people are, the more mobile their technology is. Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are the leading cause of growth of Internet use in not just the country but around the world. This is where your ads need to be to get seen by younger eyes.

Social Media

Social media platforms are where you need to be, but you also need to do it right. Just blanketing social media with your ads is unlikely to succeed. Many users block out ads with browser extensions and other technology. Even if they do see them, they might see them as intrusive and scroll right by them. It’s far more effective to create your own social media profiles that interested users can like or follow. Then, your ads fit their feed a lot better. Also, make sure you choose platforms younger generations follow. They’re more likely to be on Twitter than Facebook.

School Promotions

Whether it’s participating in a book drive for a high school or sponsoring a homecoming at a college or university, anything you do for educational institutions is great publicity. It also gives your advertising and branding unique access to specific student bodies and locations. Targeting college seniors can mean having consumers with spending power a year later after they graduate.

Your business has to advertise its products and services in order to make money. Whether you arrange for such ads on your own or through a service provider, such as DX Media Direct, you need marketing to connect to those with discretionary income. It’s not just a matter of growth but also survival in a competitive economy, and the younger generations tend to have more spending money than others.

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