4 Essential Disposables That Every Clinic Needs to Buy In Bulk

June 7, 2021

There are essential items that every medical facility, including clinics, should always have. These items aid inpatient care as well as protecting nurses and doctors from contracting an illness. Also, because these items are disposable, clinics need to stock them in bulk. This way, they can save on costs. In this article, you will find some of the essential disposable items that every clinic needs to buy.


Facemasks are very crucial for clinics as they help prevent the spread of airborne diseases. Now more than ever, every medical personnel requires a facemask to help curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Also, clinic personnel disposes of the masks immediately after use. Therefore, it is important for clinics to source a reliable supply chain partner such as the Old South Trading Co to help them have a steady supply of masks. In addition, a reliable company will meet the bulk demand of masks for clinics to ensure safety while treating patients.


Gloves play an important role in protecting both health practitioners and patients. Gloves prevent healthcare providers from getting in contact with infectious fluids and materials while also preventing contamination of patient wounds while a healthcare provider is dressing their wounds. Also, dentists in a clinic need to have a constant supply of gloves as they will need to use a pair of gloves as they examine a patient’s teeth. In addition, health practitioners will use different gloves for every patient. This necessitates the need for a bulk supply of gloves for clinics to help them provide efficient patient care.


Every clinic requires bandages to help them dress wounds and stabilize joints, to mention but a few. Bandages are a necessity for every clinic. Also, bandages help in aiding a patient’s recovery from an injury and prevent swellings. Bandages need to be redressed after a while. Therefore, clinics need to have a steady supply of bandages. It would be poor work ethic to have a patient rush to a clinic for assistance only to lack treatment because of a lack of bandages. Also, buying in bulk will prevent logistic errors and reduce costs considerably.


Clinics need syringes to administer drugs or draw blood for tests. Syringes are safe for use and are well designed to avoid any contamination. A health caregiver can only use one syringe per person. Therefore, it is important to have the syringes in bulk since they are a necessity in offering ample patient care.

It’s essential to keep any clinic fully stocked of the most important disposables, especially today with such a major health crisis. Buy in bulk where you can to save money and avoid shortages of essential materials.

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