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4 Frugal Tips For Welcoming A Pup Into Your Family

October 13, 2015

If you are planning to bring home a new puppy, it’s important to consider how you will provide all that this type of dog requires. It would be easy to overspend on new-puppy essentials, so it’s important to set a budget and stick to it. Here are four tips on saving money while welcoming a new pup into your family.

Adopt, Don’t Shop

Unless you plan on competing in dog shows with your pup, it’s a good idea to adopt a dog from a shelter or a rescue group. First, you could save hundreds of dollars; while there will likely be a rehoming fee, this often covers the costs of vaccinations, having your pet neutered and even having a microchip placed. Secondly, you would be saving a dog’s life. In many cases, dogs and puppies in shelters who do not find homes quickly are euthanized to make room for more homeless animals.

Buy a Crate

Buying a crate will cost you some money upfront, but it can literally save you thousands of dollars when you consider that an unsupervised puppy can do that much damage in minutes! Keep your furniture, books and electronics safe from little teeth by crating your pup when you’re not available to watch him or her. You can save money by looking for a used crate. Check garage sales and online classified sites in your area. Another option is to scout the pet store sales for a few months before you bring your dog home and to buy when the prices are low.

Price Shop Online

Many small items, like collars, leashes, harnesses and even dog treats, can be ordered online at a lower price than what you see in the stores. This is particularly true if you make use of online coupons. Before taking your dog in to get groomed, look online at sites like DiscountTrue that offer Petsmart grooming coupons. Combining these with periodic sales could result in hefty savings. If you aren’t sure about the quality of an item you see online, visit a brick-and-mortar pet shop first to check the item in question in person. If it looks good, see if you can find a better price online.

Find a Vet Ahead of Time

If your puppy gets sick, you’ll need to have a veterinarian on standby. Otherwise, you could end up at the veterinary ER, which can cost hundreds of dollars more than you would pay at your own vet’s office. Also, it’s important to keep on top of your pup’s vaccination and heartworm medication schedule. It would be not only expensive, but also heartbreaking, if your puppy came down with parvovirus or heartworm due to not being treated prophylactically.

Taking care of a puppy can cost you money, but the dividends of a wagging tail and lots of kisses when you come home at the end of the day (or after leaving the room for five minutes) make it all worthwhile. Shopping carefully and thinking ahead can help you save money while welcoming your new puppy into your family.

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