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4 House Hunting Tips For Couples That Are Expecting

October 22, 2021

Buying a home when expecting a child is an exciting opportunity for families to plan ahead for their child-raising years. Before a little one arrives, it helps to think about the household needs of their children. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when house hunting for your future family home.


With a child on the way, you will probably want to look for homes with a bedroom for the nursery. However, if you think you might want more children in the future, it might be a good idea to get an extra bedroom that can serve as a home office or family room until the next child comes along. Make sure the bedroom space will be adequate for your child’s needs and large enough to accommodate their growing interests as they get older. Doing so can help minimize renovation costs in the future.


Bathrooms are another important aspect of shopping for a home. Even a half-bath can make a helpful difference as your kids begin to grow and invite friends over for fun parties or overnight sleepovers. Consider whether your children will likely bathe by bathtub or shower as you check out available homes for sale. If you can’t find a house with enough bathrooms to meet your family’s particular needs, look for a home that will allow you to add another half or whole bath later with some bathroom renovations you can make as your family grows.


A family with children will always need plenty of storage area for clothes, toys, and possibly sports gear. Closets and cupboards for each bedroom would be ideal along with space for seasonal storage in the basement, attic, or garage. An outdoor storage shed could also be advantageous for children’s lawn toys. Teaching kids to be neat and responsible with their belongings can be facilitated in a home with adequate storage. Take the time to look for a home that has plenty of closet space to prevent the floors from getting too cluttered.

Play Areas

Any type of home, whether an apartment, a condo, or a house, should come with spacious play areas for your children. This might be a finished basement or a family room for games and television. It might also include a well-kept yard with trees for shade. A porch or patio can offer additional ways for kids to enjoy being outdoors in nice weather. Check out homes for sale online before going to see those of special interest.

Keep your future children’s needs and interests in mind as you shop for your next home. Planning ahead will help to ensure adequate living space to meet your growing family’s needs. Making a few key decisions early on will allow you to make changes to your home with ease when the time comes to make adjustments.

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