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4 Incredible Plant Growing Secrets For Any Gardener or Farmer

February 1, 2021

Most gardeners and farmers are familiar with the most important factors needed to grow healthy plants. Getting the best results for your garden depends on a wide range of factors with some you can control and others you cannot control. Here are four growing techniques that you have total control over and could transform your garden or farm.

Maintain a Proper pH Balance

The pH scale determines how acidic or basic your soil is for growing plants. The acidic level has a lower pH while the basic or alkaline level has a higher value. A pH level near the middle and slightly on the lower end is recommended for optimal plant growth. The right number is 6.5 for a typical garden. Based on the types of plants you’re planting, you may have more success by increasing the acidity level or making it more alkaline.

Plow the Soil Effectively

Start plowing for weeks before you start planting to allow the soil to accumulate moisture and get into good condition. Deep plowing is not necessary but deepens the soil and provides more room to allow moisture to seep in and to allow the roots to expand.

Using the correct farming equipment for plowing is also important. A tiller, also known as a cultivator, has motorized blades that turn the soil. The best plowing equipment is motorized, fast and lightweight to make it easier to drag across the soil. Growing plants effectively means knowing how to till and plow as efficiently as possible.

Sow the Seeds Effectively

First, review the many different methods used to sow seeds into freshly plowed soil. One method is to drop seeds directly behind the plow machine and other methods include dibbling, direct seeding and transplanting. The most effective technique and pattern depends on the soil’s condition, amount of rainfall, amount of sunlight and other factors that the farmer or gardener can and cannot control. Your work starts by choosing the right technique based on the types of plants and how fast you grow them.

Overwatering is Not Good

A common myth is that overwatering the soil is ideal. Too much water for plants, like too much water for humans, is more destructive than healthy. The excess water flushes through the body and results in excess waste. Your plants are healthier when they receive small amounts of water at a time instead of a flood that is difficult to absorb.

Every plant grower knows the most basic tips, which are to provide the right mix of water, nutrients, sunlight and good soil. There are thousands of other tips and tricks that you may or may not know about to promote optimal growth for your plants. Experiment often while choosing the right techniques carefully.

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