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4 Major Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency for Your Dispensary

August 2, 2019

The cannabis industry’s growth potential is nearly unprecedented among emerging sectors in American commerce. Despite marijuana now being legal for medical use in 33 states and the District of Columbia as of mid-2019, every neighborhood dispensary looking for a piece of that fresh, green pie is still selling a drug that remains stubbornly illegal at the federal level. That’s why any cannabis-oriented marketing agency faces the challenge of promoting a potentially lucrative business with some serious risks attached. You may know pot, but it takes experience, knowledge and savvy, outside-the-box creativity to parlay high risk into high reward. That’s why you need to look outside your borders to find marketing experts who can focus on shining your company’s finer points while you focus on serving your customers.

Keeping Up with the Joneses

Winds in the marketing world can turn on a dime. That goes double for digital marketing trends. The same core strategies may be sewn into the DNA of even online flavors of the month, but experts with trained eyes on the latest search engine and social media algorithm updates can propose strategies a step ahead of their less-vigilant competitors’ plans. Find a cannabis marketing agency known for that kind of forward thinking combined with closeness to industry leaders, and your shop couldn’t ask for two more valuable inside tracks for your campaigns to tap into.


Help your customers better inform themselves throughout the purchase process, and you stand a better chance of cultivating repeat business. Your marketing agency should have a sense for how you can best display all your available strains and other products both on your website and via widely trafficked cannabis-related portals including Canna SOS and Leafly. These valuable professionals will guarantee your ideas and information come across with a distinctive educational and entertaining tone rife with data-driven proof of every product’s upside to your customers’ health.


The best cannabis marketing agencies money can buy won’t push your dispensary forward without a thoroughly defined start-to-finish roadmap for where you are going with every step. Even with a carefully planned course in mind, every move follows a purpose backed up by regular metrics on your campaign’s performance. You will have a clear picture of what is driving traffic your way and why. Nevertheless, the best-laid plans rarely execute without an unpredictable hitch or two. That intel will also reveal exactly when and why you need to adjust or pivot. When it comes to customer retention, knowledge is always power.

Time Is Money

Hiring a cannabis marketing agency outside your dispensary’s in-house team allows someone else to oversee and manage every facet of your advertising and marketing in a swift, streamlined fashion. Your marketing director can always provide supplementary aid through event and email marketing and custom design work. Let the pros communicate with a single representative from your staff to keep you apprised of ongoing moves, and the added managerial horsepower minimizes turn-around time for each campaign while the rest of your people focus on what they do best.

The best reason to hire a cannabis marketing agency also happens to be the simplest: you know marijuana. That’s why you opened a dispensary instead of a marketing agency. Advertising a drug still federally considered verboten comes with plenty of regulatory restrictions and ways around them. Keep your aces in their places. Those challenges are best handled by professionals who have staked their livelihoods on understanding them inside and out, both in theory and in practice. Let them sell your products and services while you devote your time to perfecting them.

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