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4 Signs It’s Time to Call A Plumber

September 8, 2021

It’s the dead of night, and the sudden sound of dripping water from your faucet wakes you up. You don’t even have to see it, but you know that there is something wrong with your plumbing. Most homeowners have gone through this frustrating issue. However, not every plumbing issue is going to be as obvious as a leaky faucet. Some may take a little more investigation to find out if the issue can be taken care of by simply tightening your pipes or if a professional is needed. Thus, the following includes four signs it’s time to call a plumber.

Slow Draining Sink, Shower, or Toilet

One of the most common habits for most people using a kitchen sink, shower, or toilet is leaving as soon as the job is done. However, this is during this time when the first signs of issues with your plumbing begin to show themselves. While the issue may be due to something clogged within the pipes (hair, toys, etc.), only a professional plumber will have the right tools to fix the issue and ensure that no other part of your piping is being damaged in the process.

Low Water Pressure

Are your showers taking longer than usual? Does it take forever to remove all that soap from your head? Your water pressure may be very low and thus forcing you to take that much more time to shower or clean your dishes. Although a simple clog may be the cause of the low water pressure, there could be other more complicated issues that a professional plumber should take a look at before it becomes worse.

Gurgling Toilet

Taking a shower should be a relaxing time, but what happens when you suddenly start hearing loud gurgling sounds right outside of it? This is likely coming from your restroom’s toilet. Loud gurgling sounds from your toilet usually mean that the water within your pipes is trying to get some air, and if you do not cut the water off, you may soon have a very wet floor to deal with.

Continually Running Toilet

Once you have flushed your toilet, it should not keep running longer than a few seconds. However, there are going to be times when it seems like it’s simply continuing to run water with no end in sight. The most common reason behind this issue is a damaged seal. The seal is what tells the tank to keep refilling. In this case, a professional should be called immediately.

Plumbing issues can be extremely inconvenient and costly. Thus, it is highly recommended to keep these early signs in mind and take action as soon as possible. Doing so may save you weeks of headaches and additional repair expenses.

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