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4 Signs That Suggest Your ED Is More Than Just Newlywed Nerves

September 17, 2020

Pre- and post-wedding jitters are often to blame for a failure to launch in the bedroom. However, if this is a common occurrence in the days and weeks after your honeymoon, it’s likely that the problem goes beyond nervousness. Consider the following signs of ED to determine what next steps to take to solve this problem.

You’re Experiencing Relationship Issues

Relationship issues can have a profound effect on your ability to become aroused. If you’re worried about something or you’re still struggling with baggage from past relationships, your ED may be caused by unresolved trauma.

Be open with your partner about your anxieties. Similarly, consider working with a therapist to work through your baggage and help your ED disappear. Once you’re able to completely relax with your partner, sex becomes a great deal easier and more enjoyable for both of you.

You’re Physically Unfit

While anxiety and general nervousness can contribute to ED, your ability to maintain good health practices also plays a part in this condition. According to one study, men who perform rigorous outdoor work three hours or more a week are less likely to experience ED as an individual that doesn’t exercise. If you’re experiencing ED, it may be time to add more exercise to your schedule. Experts suggest a well-rounded exercise routine to take advantage of positive health benefits.

You Have a Reliance on Porn

Another sign that ED goes beyond your wedding night jitters is a reliance on porn. While watching porn doesn’t cause ED, porn addiction can cause men to experience ED in real-world situations where porn isn’t involved. Consider working with a sex therapist to explore this potential addiction and determine the primary cause of your ED.

Your ED Medication Isn’t Working

If you’re experiencing symptoms of ED, you may be tempted to try over-the-counter medication. This type of medicine helps to reduce the effects of ED and is effective in most situations. If you’ve tried ED medication and haven’t achieved the desired result this may be an indication that your ED may be caused by other issues.

Keep in mind that it’s important to discuss medication for erectile dysfunction with a doctor before you begin taking them. Work with a professional at NuMale Medical Center to discuss the best options for you to solve your ED.

Make sure your newlywed nerves are the only thing keeping your flag from flying. Keep this information in mind as you decide what next steps to take in improving your situation.

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