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4 Simple Ways You Can Protect Yourself from EMF Radiation

September 7, 2015

For those of us who are unaware of this phenomenon, the movement of electrically charged particles creates waves called Electromagnetic waves. They are also referred to ‘electromagnetic radiation’ due to the fact that these waves are able to “radiate” from the charged particles. Generally speaking, these waves can travel through water, air, metal and even vacuums.

The human body is susceptible to EMF radiation, and in the long run, it can cause permanent medical complications. In fact, a lot of independent scientific researches and studies have concluded that prolong exposure can result in allergies, stress, mood disorder, fatigue, suppressing the function of melatonin (a chemical essential for proper sleep) and even cancer clusters in places with high voltage power lines.

This is why it’s of utmost importance to prevent unnecessary exposure to EMF whenever possible. Of course, the most common way to do so is via safety wear and specialized safety equipment. But here is a list of 4 simple ways in which you can protect yourself from EMF radiation –

  1. Walk Barefoot

Shoes and slippers have been around for many centuries now. But before that, as well all know, our ancestors used to walk barefoot. Now science has shown that by walking barefoot, grounding starts occurring inside your body. The body becomes more alkaline and thus better suited for fighting infections, thanks to an enhanced immune system. And it is this very energetic grounding which makes the body literally immune to harmful EMF – it can travel throughout your body yet not leave any traces behind.

This is why walking barefoot is important, even for a few minutes each day. Make sure you’re walking either on grass or soil, and not tiled surfaces.

  1. Unplug appliances whenever you can

A lot of people don’t know that plugged in appliances, even when not in use, drain quite a significant amount of electricity. Apart from that, when appliances are plugged in, they emit high EMF. Microwaves, computers, curling irons, hair dryers, radios and even digital clocks emit harmful EMF. This is because being plugged into live electrical outlets generates and emits electric fields.

Needless to say that when they are unplugged, no such electric fields are created. For as many devices as possible, opt for their battery running counterparts.

  1. Wear EMF safety wear

With the advancement of technology, EMF safety wear has now become a reality. They are proving to be extremely convenient and affordable ways to combat EMF radiation, especially for those whose work demands them being constantly exposed to radiation. Quantum Balance necklaces, balaclava shields, head nets, safety eye glasses and upper body shields are just a few of many products that are available in the market right now.

If you’re unsure of the EMF radiations in your home or office, you can always used specialized safety equipment like meters, personal monitors and probes (which give you overall field strength) and help you assess the safety of those areas.

  1. Say no to low voltage Lighting

Florescent tubes, halogens or CFLs with low voltage (12 volt) should be avoided at all costs as their transformers and ballasts emit high amounts of EMF. They are also capable of producing high-frequency radiation called dirty electricity, which again is very harmful for the human body. Opt for the much cheaper and environmentally friendly LCD lights instead.

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