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4 Steps Every Car Lot Needs to Take to Keep Used Cars Sell-Ready

July 28, 2021

If you consider reselling your used car, you must pay attention to every detail to ensure it stands out to potential buyers. The impression that buyers get when they walk down your driveway will determine if the sale will fall through or you will close the sale. Therefore, preparing your car for sale is an imperative investment. It helps save a lot of time in getting a potential buyer and increases the possibility of making more money. Below are some of the steps to get your car ready before setting foot in a dealership to make a trade.

Clean the Car Inside and Out

Since most potential buyers judge used cars on their first impression, it is imperative to always check and maintain both the interior and the exterior of the car. Ensure you give your car a detailed cleaning instead of the general washing of the bodywork. Some companies, like NuVinAir, know that you should always keep the inside of the car thoroughly vacuumed. Also, clean all the seats and safety belts, as this helps keep the car free of odors and discoloration. Keeping the interior of your vehicle well maintained prevents fading and excess wear. Finally, do a full exterior wash, which entails cleaning the body and the wheels and cleaning the inside and outside of the windows.

Invest in Car Upgrades

Ensure you keep your car ready for sale by doing a few minor upgrades. There are issues that you can fix yourself, such as replacing the car’s lights, topping off the fluid levels, buying new seat or wheel covers if the current ones are torn, stained, faded, or cracked, replacing the dirty and worn out car mats, among others. However, if your car requires more serious work, you can get a professional for a quick inspection. You can also consider doing a paint job to repair the scratched and chipped paint accompanied by a wax application to help conceal the paint. Even if scratches or dents are purely cosmetic, many buyers will associate the appearance of the car with how well the internal parts are working. Dents and scratches to them suggest age and poor use, and in their minds will flash thousands of dollars of maintenance and repairs that will act as a major turn off from making the sale.

Keep the Car Documents Ready

Every prospective buyer will be interested in seeing the vehicle’s documents. This would include the car’s title and the lien release if the car was bought on loan and paid off. Also, it would help if you had service records ready, which reflects a comprehensive record of oil changes and maintenance work. The vehicle should also have ready receipts and registration records. If the vehicle was involved in an accident or you have detailed work done on the vehicle, it is important to have those records too. If the car has been reconstructed from an accident, make sure to emphasize to your customers that reconstructed vehicles do have to pass inspection just like new cars coming out of the factory. This will help them feel assured that the performance of the car is in no way impacted by a wreck history and make it easier for them to decide to buy.

Have the Extras Ready

Make sure to have an extra set of keys or other accessories ready before putting up your car for sale. If, for instance, the navigation system is fitted with DVD or SD, ensure they are all intact and ready. You can get rid of any window or bumper stickers or any personal item that you have included in the car. Finally, ensure the door and trunk hinges are well lubricated to stop that disturbing creak. Anything you can do to make the car seem more updated and modern and less run down in any way will make potential customers much more likely to pay asking price for your used cars.

You can sell your vehicle quickly by ensuring regular maintenance of the vehicle and preventing crumbs or dirt from piling up. However, following the above steps will help ensure you get the best deal, save time, and have a great transaction experience for both of you and the buyer.

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