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4 Steps You Can Take to Get Custody Of Your Child

December 1, 2021

It’s heartbreaking when you lose custody of your child. The court may decide that you’re not the right fit for staying with your child. It can be hard to accept that someone else, for example, your ex-spouse, is a better parent than you.

You may also lose custody, and your child gets sent to foster care. Subsequently, you may find it challenging to live with the thought of your child living in a foster home while you’re alive. Hence, when you decide to file for custody, you want to win and be the best parent to your kid.

All hope is not lost as you can take some steps to get back custody. That said, here are some tips to help you get started and file for your child’s custody.

Contact a Family Lawyer

Cases involving family law can be hectic and an endless battle full of headaches. You’re not obligated to hire a lawyer, but it might improve your chances. Consult a family lawyer who can study your case dynamics and advise the best approach.

It is advisable to seek legal counsel if you’re focused on winning back custody. This way, you can understand why you lost custody and what you can do to handle all issues. Find an experienced lawyer who has a proven track record of handling such cases.

Follow Current Orders

As you focus on getting custody, don’t risk it all by defying the current court orders. Continue working as per the court requests and playing your designed role. If you’re on visitation, keep time and obey the current custody orders.

Defying court orders or disregarding your current responsibilities will only make matters worse. Hence, you can’t give the court a reason to doubt your fight for custody and abilities as a parent.

Ask for Advice

Fighting for custody can be a difficult period and will toll heavily on you. The attorney will only provide advice within the legal confines and help the case. However, you can acquire guidance from a parental perspective from friends or family who have been down the same path.

You can know how to cope with the situation and what you should do. Advice from a parent who has fought for custody previously will set you on the right mental track and how to keep calm as you deal with the case.


Be humble and exercise patience as the case may take time. You may have to attend a few court sessions before the judge can make the final decision. Take time, trust the process, and wait since you’ve done almost everything to get your child back.

Abide by the final decision irrespective of the custody case outcome. You can always appeal if you don’t win custody the first time. Remember, good things take time, and do everything the court requires as you wait to get full custody.

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