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4 Things People Regret When Moving House and How To Avoid Them

January 27, 2016

Moving house can be an exciting time, and a stressful time too. First there’s choosing the house, selling your previous home, then organising the moving date, packing, moving and unpacking again, until the point when you’re set up in your new home. You don’t want to forget or lose anything, and yet it’s almost impossible to be in control of everything at the same time. After going through the process of choosing and buying your new house, what are the things you need to think about before the actual moving day? We looked at what some of the biggest regrets of people who moved house were and how they might’ve done things differently the next time around. Avoid these common moving pitfalls for a safer, happier and more relaxed move.

Not Being Organised

One thing that many people regretted after moving house was not being organised enough. Moving house is a big deal, especially if there is more than one person, or a whole family involved. Once you know you are going to move house, planning should start immediately to ensure that everything is taken care of before moving day, and not left to the last minute.

Ideally, planning for your move should start 3 months beforehand, where you can decide on your removalists, have enough time to pack up your whole house, and deal with other minor issues like changing your address and picking new furniture. When the move involves a group of people such as a family, a written plan or schedule can help enormously in ensuring everything that needs to be done before the move is taken care of and moving day runs smoothly.

Choosing The Wrong Removalists

Removalists are one of the most distrusted service providers due to the difficulty in choosing an effective, safe and careful removals team. Many new home buyers regret not taking into careful consideration which removalists they should choose, and simply going for the cheapest option. If you live in a city, you should have no shortage of choice of removalists in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and other major cities all have large numbers of removal companies, so you can always choose the best option.

It’s important to consider how much your removalists cost, what they will move for you, and if or how they are insured. Many movers regret choosing a removals company only to find out later that they are not insured for damage caused to your property while moving. Other removalists might provide a great deal cost wise, but won’t move certain items such as extra large or heavy items like piano, or fragile items, art, or alcohol.

Trying To Do It Yourself

Another mistake many movers regret is trying to do the job themselves and taking far too much upon themselves. If you are a single person with little furniture simply moving from room to room, you can probably get away with moving your belongings in the back of your car. But if you are moving a family of four, you will most certainly need professional help to move your belongings, furniture and electronics, and hiring your own truck simply won’t do it.

Hiring the right removals company can really help coordinate your moving day to help it go smoothly, which really helps when you have other things to worry about liking moving your valuables or getting your kids from A to B.

Not Taking A Moving Survival Kit

Whatever you think moving day will be like, chances are it will be more hectic and busy than you imagined. Many people regret not being prepared for this which can cause added pain and costs throughout the move. Packing a ‘moving day survival kit’ can help with whatever situation may arise in the course of the moving day and night, and to look after you and your family’s needs during that time. This could include things such as scissors, a screwdriver, your address book, a torch, a map of your new town, kids clothes and toys, your toiletries, pet food, snacks, toilet paper, and necessary medications. Plus, keeping a bit of extra cash never goes astray, in case you decide to order takeout after that long hard day of moving.

With these tips you can avoid falling into the common pitfalls of movers and enjoy a happier, smoother move.

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