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4 Things You Can Do Around The House to Make It More Sustainable

May 26, 2021

What have you done for the earth today? Many people begin a journey toward a more eco-friendly lifestyle but give up quickly because so many sustainable products are just too expensive. However, an environmentally conscious lifestyle doesn’t have to break the bank, and many sustainable choices can even save you money. Consider these four easy swaps to take a bite out of your home’s carbon footprint without blowing your household budget.

Reduce Plastic Waste

Did you know that approximately half of the world’s annual plastic production is single use plastic? These are items like packages and bottles that are destined for the landfill. Bringing your own reusable bags to the store is a simple way to reduce plastic waste, but the items you fill those bags with matter too. Choose brands that are packaged in paper, glass or aluminum over plastic.

Buy Second Hand

Do you need new household items like decor and kitchen accessories? You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on new sustainable products when you can buy second hand. Thrift stores have barely used kitchenware from name brands for a fraction of the cost of a new item. You can also find second hand items from online reselling sites, yard sales and social media groups.

Upgrade Your Lightbulbs

You already know that old-fashioned light bulbs are inefficient, but how much difference does one little bulb make? When you consider how many lightbulbs are inside and outside your home, all those little bulbs add up to a lot of wasted electricity. An upgrade to LED lighting can pay for itself in lower energy bills over time as well as lowering your home’s carbon footprint.

Use Your Dryer Less

Another way to save energy is turning off your dryer. Hang clothes on an outdoor line or an indoor drying rack. Your clothes will also last longer when you air dry them instead of tumbling in the heat of the dryer. Do you prefer your clothes fluffy and wrinkle-free? Dry them on a line or rack, then pop them into the dryer for just a few minutes. Avoid harsh chemicals and reduce waste by keeping your clothes lint-free with a reusable dryer ball instead of dryer sheets.

Remember, sustainability is a journey that doesn’t happen overnight. Don’t beat yourself up if your home isn’t perfectly eco-friendly and zero-waste yet. Every small step you take makes the earth a little cleaner for future generations, so keep making changes and striving toward sustainability every day.

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