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4 Tips To Consider For Setting Up Your Indoor Garden

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February 22, 2018

Gone are the days when incremental weather played havoc with your gardening, thanks to the indoor garden. An indoor garden is exactly what it says on the tin; a garden which is inside your home.

Indoor gardens are becoming more common thanks to the availability of grow tents. Grow tents are portable, reusable structures that offer unprecedented environmental control, help eliminate problems caused by pests and diseases and allows gardening to become a year-round past time.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? If you are looking to join this gardening revolution, then here are four tips to consider when setting up your indoor garden.

Where is your indoor garden going to be located?

You’re going to need to find a quiet area in your house for your indoor gardening, where it won’t be disturbed for at least a couple of months. You will need access to electricity and water, and the electrical circuit needs to be able to cope with the demands of the equipment you are going to be using for your grow tent. Just like gardening outdoors, there are risks of dirt and spills when gardening inside so you’ll want to avoid placing the tent over a carpet.

How many grow tents do you want?

Depending on what you are planning on growing will inform whether you need two normal sized grow tents or one big one. Canopy control is easier in one large tent, and a large tent is considered better for hydroponic growing methods. On the other hand, a multiple tents set up will give you added versatility. One tent can be set to have high summer lighting and another to replicate the lighting conditions of fall, with websites like offering advice on how to grow indoors.

Ensure your lighting system is conducive to the size of your indoor garden

You need to make sure your lighting system works with both the size of your indoor garden and your cooling system. It is a balance you need to get right as plants need light to survive while too much light or lights that overheat will stall the development of your plants and possibly even kill them. The larger the lamp used, the more cooling it will require. It is therefore common to use a single lamp in small to medium tents.

Make sure your grow tent has a quality zip

As with most things in life, quality is associated with the price so the more you pay the better quality product you are likely to secure. There isn’t too much to look for in terms of the style of your grow tent, as the structure doesn’t need to support much more than the outer shell and the light covering. The one area you do want to make sure is of a high standard is the outer zipper. It will become the most used part of your grow tent and needs to be able to stand a high amount of wear and tear. Look for a tent that has been double stitched around the seams as that added strength could prove invaluable in the long run.

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