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4 Types of Ladders You Can Use For Commercial Purpose

July 26, 2016

An industry needs several types of ladders to meets various purposes. Several ladders are also available in the market. It is important to understand the functions of various types of ladders. So while making a decision to buy the item one needs to be aware. It will help in making an efficient and safe decision.

Ladders are in use from times unremembered. Now, various types of ladders are present in the market, each one is made of a specific function and for doing a certain task. Whatever may be the type of ladders the one in demand are fibreglass ladders, for its low maintenance cost and light weight. Let’s see what the different types of ladders that are there are and what their functions are-

Step ladders- These are the common ones that are used in industries. They are self-supporting, that means, they do not require to lean against any kind of support. These are best to use in the middle of any rooms, underneath the tree, or in other places where support is not there. There are two varieties of step ladders. The first one is the simple front step ladders, whose ones side has rungs and the opposite side is designed for support and not for climbing on it. The other one is the twin step ladder that has rung on both sides, to allow two climbers to take steps simultaneously.

Platform ladders- These are the front step ladders having a platform on its top. The top guard rail is usually two feet higher than the platform to provide safety while working. They provide the higher level of comfort one looks for while standing for a longer time. They also provide the safety of using both hands during work. One can rotate in any direction owing to the needs of the work.

Extension ladders– Extension ladders are also known as straight ladders. These are the most common ladders that one can find in all homes. These ladders are used to reach high places and mostly they need the support of others, like a wall or a tree. Most extension ladders have two parts; the main part is called the base. The base always stays firm to the ground. The second part is the moveable piece which can be extended to reach higher.

Step stools – It is always better to have in any of the rooms in a house. Step stool allows safety of reaching the top shelves of the cabinet. Most step stools are designed to be folded down to flat shapes so that it fits in any small places.

It is always helpful to know the types of ladders that are available in the market, to avoid confusion while buying them. Ladders are made up of several materials like steel, aluminum, iron, fiberglass, etc. Mostly the fiberglass ones are in demand now, because they are non-corrosive in nature and has a low maintenance cost. So, it is always better to buy fibreglass ladders for any use.

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