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4 Unconventional Career Tips That Ensure Success

May 9, 2016

Caught up in the hustle and bustle of work life in the modern corporate arena today, there’s so much you plan improving upon, but often get confined due to the limitation of either time or resources. Think about your career as a gigantic villa that got constructed once, but was never maintained or serviced after that.

Well, you can definitely sense the right analogy here. No matter how swiftly you are moving forth in your career, explo0ring yourself and honing different transferable skills is something that will always keep you on top of your game. While job hunting has also become a race to own the maximum of employable skills, it’s significant to keep polishing yourself while working as well.

Shared below are 4 such unconventional tips that will might sound different, but have their own momentum to make you achieve every modicum of professional success you desire. Drop sufficient glances and you’ll surely find the platform you longed for, since ever.

Let People Know you Exist

Many-a-times it happens that even after having worked for a good 10-15 years, people limit their social and professional circles to their own departments/divisions or even the same cubicle for some cases. However, an important thing to realize is the number of opportunities you’ll score staying the same way.

For people to trust you with higher responsibilities and even refer you for greater work avenues, they need to know that you exist in the market. There are ample organizations seeking experience, but only with a blend of the right social quotient. Of course, nobody would expect them to appoint a senior manager who can’t keep his team together for social discussions even. Hence, get going and make sure that every effort coming from your end is noticed by all concerned connections in your network. Stay visible, stay efficient!

Inculcate Emotional Maturity

This might sound more like a moral lecture, but indeed, emotional maturity is the only trait that will make you go places in professional life. Thinking objectively, emotional intelligence is the only fuel that can make you strive and thrive, even in the most difficult and negative of work environments. Human being are not robots, but are often steered by industry leaders who have the right knack of emotional maturity and have a good control over their emotions,.

It’s not about how well you curb your feelings, but how constructively you express them to get things done!

Have a Mentor to Follow

For I’m not talking about some Guru in the Himalayas, but a mentor who has surpassed your phase in work life long back in time. It might be anyone- your boss, a fellow team-mate, some industry leader or the o0wner of your company even. The point is, you need to get mentored and stay in the process till eternity.

There are things that if learnt ahead of time, do prove lucrative. Keep looking and you’ll definitely find one such influencer who can teach you about practical aspects of the work life.

Stop Fretting Over the Pay-Package

Surely, your pay package is an important constraint that determines your financial security and tenure with the present employer, but letting the same encompass all your thoughts and creativity would get you nowhere ahead.

Money is a secondary factor that follows once you have the right understanding of your field and keeps on varying with other factors. However, success in true terms would only happen once you are over the initial headache of making big bucks.

No big deal, just a matter of implying these 4 basics. Implements and observe the change happen for yourself!

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