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4 Unusual and Profitable Investment Strategies

May 2, 2021

Although a few investment strategies receive most of the attention, the investment world is surprisingly broad and diverse. Alternative strategies can help to diversify your portfolio and increase your overall rate of return. Here are four unusual and profitable investment strategies you need to know about.

Holding Interest in Whiskey Casks

The market for premium whiskey has exploded in the last several years as scotch, bourbon and Irish whiskey lovers have gradually accepted higher prices for better products. As a result, investing in whiskey casks can be quite lucrative. Specialty whiskey cask brokerages allow investors to purchase financial interest in young whiskey casks. As those casks age, the value of the spirit increases, and investors can realize a substantial return when the casks are eventually tapped and bottled.

Buying Campgrounds or RV Parks

While most people know that real estate is a great investment vehicle, few realize how broad the real estate investment market really is. In addition to ordinary residential and commercial properties, you can also invest in more obscure pieces of property, including campgrounds and RV parks. These properties require minimal maintenance and can produce generous profits during the camping season. To get started, find a good campground and RV park broker who can help you buy the right property for your needs.

Buying Websites

In the digital world, websites are the equivalent of real estate. Established websites can be bought and sold through online brokerages. By buying an existing site, you can earn an ongoing stream of income from its existing traffic or actively improve it to increase its future revenues. Website investment allows you to build a portfolio of valuable digital properties that are well-positioned to take advantage of trends in online shopping and service provision.

Investing in Businesses Through Crowdfunding

These days, many startup businesses raise money through crowdfunding. Under these arrangements, investors put up the capital needed for a business to launch or grow. In exchange, the investor is usually promised a share of the company’s future revenues until a certain return amount has been met. Crowdfunding investment can be risky, but successful businesses will produce good rates of return for your portfolio.

Of course, there are thousands of investments out there that could be the right fit for you. Always be sure to carefully research any asset before investing, and consider how a particular investment works within your existing portfolio.

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