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4 Ways A Criminal Record Can Affect Your Employment

August 21, 2020

A criminal record can impact a person’s life in many ways, including employment. In time, you can leave your past behind, but while job searching, it may have a detrimental effect on your ability to get the job you want.

Restricted Job Pool

Having a criminal background may prevent you from being considered for certain types of employment. Depending on the nature of your criminal conviction and the work that you are applying for, you might not be able to obtain a job in a security position, in education, or in certain kinds of medical jobs. Many employers require a background check, and someone with a criminal record might not be interviewed for a job in these occupations. You might have to accept an entry-level position and work your way up the ladder to better jobs if employers are aware of your criminal past.

Employment Incentives

Some companies receive financial incentives or benefits when they hire ex-convicts. This can result in more jobs being available in certain industries where you might not want to work. However, if that’s where the job openings are, you may end up applying to those companies and building your career from that position. Raises and promotions are often available to employees with a criminal record who prove to be valuable workers in the companies that hire them. This could be considered by some to be a form of discrimination, albeit with positive effects, due to being hired, retained, and promoted based in part on your criminal past.

Security Restrictions

When considered or hired for certain jobs, security factors may be implemented. For example, you might need to serve a longer initial probation period than other employees. You could be restricted from some areas of the company or denied access to aspects like finances or vulnerable populations like children, the elderly, or those with mental health issues. Even though you have served time for your past crime, in some industries and job positions, you will continue to pay the price for your previous illicit conduct unless or until you are able to arrange a criminal record expungement that wipes your public record clean from past legal misdeeds and punishment.

Wary Coworkers

Colleagues who are aware of your criminal background may be standoffish and uninclined to be friendly or helpful. Although your background should be private, people sometimes find out things that may lead to discriminatory behavior.

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