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4 Ways Businesses Verify Business Partners and Associates

July 28, 2021

Getting new business partners and associates is an interesting thing. However, linking up with a legitimate business partner and associate is not as easy as it may sound. It calls a sharp mind to verify business partners and associates to prevent possible losses; to help businesses understand how to verify their associates and partners, this article has detailed information and tips to cover this aspect.

Use a Standard Questionnaire

This is the simplest way of beginning the screening process of identifying legit business partners and associates. Apart from collecting answers from partners and associates in the questionnaire, you will also get a chance to evaluate the qualified individuals with whom you can work with. If you have several partners and associates to choose from, then a questionnaire is the best tool to compare them. The questionnaire should have questions about the background information of the company, such as the registration information. It should disclose any form of legal proceedings that the company might be involved in and information about how it complies with locals’ trade regulations.

Carry out Research

Even though using a questionnaire is an incredible starting point, you need to do an investigation to get detailed information concerning associates and partners. There is information that you can easily find publicly, while you will have to dig deep for more information at some point. You might decide to use entity extraction to make your research work easy and save time.

Verify the Research Findings

When a business intends to verify potential associates and partners, the process mainly ends at the research stage. This wrong! It is vital to continue with the process by verifying the research findings to validate the information you have extracted from different sources. You should verify the information given out on the questionnaire by all the companies. The depth of investigating a particular associate or partner should reciprocate the risk they bring to the business. For a partner who imposes simple risk on the business, a single-source verification for the partner is enough.

Establish Business Trust With the Partner and Associate

Getting a business partner or associate means that you are delegating some roles and shares of the business to someone else. This means that you should choose someone whom you can work with without any complications. To make this happen, consider building trust with the partner or associate for a mutually beneficial situation.

Most businesses get it hard to verify their business associates and partners. The above-discussed are hacks that make this process manageable and straightforward.

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