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4 Ways Companies Around The World Are Using Recycled Plastic In Their Products

March 30, 2021

Though we all know that plastic takes centuries to decompose, plastic usage continues to increase at an exponential rate. This means that it continues to build up while we continue to produce more. While many people do recycle, less than 10 percent of the plastic produced each year is actually recycled by consumers. This is an uninspiring statistic, but fortunately, there are many businesses around the globe who are collecting and reusing plastics in their own products.

Clothes and Shoes

We tend to think of plastic as being either hard like a water bottle or thin and crinkly like a grocery bag. However, plastic can also be soft and might not feel like plastic at all. Recycled plastic can be turned into thread which can be turned into fabric to make many things including the clothes you wear. collects plastic waste polluting the oceans and beaches and turns it into clothes.

Additionally, many companies are using recycled plastic, and other recycled materials to make shoes. They’re even reusing old shoes to make new shoes.


A large portion of recyclable plastic is used to make product packaging. However, when consumers buy the product, that packaging is often immediately thrown in the garbage. Rather than producing more plastic to make more packaging that will also be thrown away, many companies are taking recycled plastic to make new packaging. In addition to this, many companies are looking for ways to transport and store products in ways that require less packaging altogether.


Plastic fabric can be used to make many other things besides clothes and shoes. It can also be used to make backpacks, messenger bags, purses, and other types of bags and luggage. Some companies specialize in making camping backpack and related gear, which many eco-conscious backpackers and campers appreciate. Because plastic is so durable, bags made from recycled plastic are very strong and resilient, and many are easily made to be water-resistant, too.


Finally, recycled plastic can be turned into furniture for both indoors and outdoors. In addition to being used to make the textile upholstery that covers sofas, chairs, and windows, plastic can also be used to make the frames of furniture. Recycled plastic is particularly useful for making sturdy outdoor furniture for backyards and beaches. The type of plastic used for this outdoor furniture is lightweight, which means that while it’s strong, it’s also easy to move when bad weather comes or when you’re ready to go on a trip.

Plastic products are unlikely to go away, but there are many companies that are able to take single-use recycled plastics to make new products. By recycling and supporting these businesses, you can help keep plastic waste out of oceans and landfills.

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