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4 Ways Marketers Can Be Successful With Facebook

June 30, 2015

Achieving marketing success with Facebook is more than just about creating an account and building a huge friend list. Here are things marketers should do:

  1. Update your status: The status box on our Facebook page is a very important feature. Others will be able to see our updates on the wall page. For marketers, this is an important feature to promote events, share tips, announce new products, post blog updates and share links to interesting videos and affiliate programs. We can add updates anytime we want, including what’s on our mind today. However, each post should be quite informative and add values for users. All post will be shown on our friends’ pages, so we should make sure that the post has value for everyone on our friend list. They should be professional in nature and encourage people to expect upcoming posts from us, otherwise we could risk people removing us from their friend list.
  2. Participate actively in groups: Online groups give us the opportunity to virtually network with peers and clients. Facebook is used by many people and we should be able to find groups that match our products and services. There are groups for coaches, teachers, doctors, therapists and every conceivable profession. Our products should match any of these groups. Facebook allows us to build a network among professional quickly. We can learn from these professionals and perhaps make improvements to our products and services. An obvious way to start improving the visibility of our company is by starting our own Facebook group. There’s no cost of doing this and we are able to attract thousands of people to join our group. If we are able to provide new updates regularly, it is possible that the group will become a valuable resource where members can share best practices. Initially, we should try to nurture the group into a vibrant and dynamic community where people enthusiastically share their opinions about a topic. It may not be a good idea to introduce our products or services too soon to them. Perhaps, after a few months, when the group member has reached 7,500 people and many of them actively participate, then we could try to introduce our products and services, without being intrusive. We can access groups by viewing the application list on our Facebook homepage. There are many thousands of groups, by geography, industry, occupation and other area of interests. The selection of professions and topics can be quite incredible and we may actually need to join more than a dozen of related groups.
  3. Choose proper name: Name isn’t only used for our primary account, but also for pages and groups. We should choose the right name, because it will become the primary search term. The search feature on Facebook is still based on keywords, so we should make sure that we choose proper names.
  4. Create applications: We may hire local developers to create lightweight Facebook applications, such as games and tools that users can open on their browser. They should contain our company logo and marketing messages, without being intrusive.
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