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4 Ways to Make a More Calming Workplace Environment

October 31, 2019

Keeping your employees calm and stress-free is one of your biggest priorities. While every job has some level of stress, there are also many things that employers can do to create a soothing workplace environment. As you assess your current management plans, consider these simple changes that you could make to generate more happiness and productivity among your employees.

Make Organization Easy

Clutter is a major contributor to increased stress levels. Working in a cluttered environment is distracting, and your employees may struggle with even finding the basic things they need to do their job. Time spent searching for things such as paperwork or a tool is wasted time that your employees could have directed toward a more productive task. Make sure to include shelves, drawers and other organizational tools in your building’s design and layout plans to reduce stressful amounts of clutter.

Reduce the Noise Levels

Noisy workplaces generate stress on people as they try to complete their tasks. If your workplace environment is excessively noisy, then you can take steps to reduce the volume. For instance, you can ask for soft fiber during the ceiling tile installation that helps to absorb loud sounds so that the acoustics in larger rooms are softened. Your employees will find that it is easier to focus when their minds are not being bombarded by trying to filter out loud sounds.

Add Plants and Other Natural Elements

Many people work indoors today, which can impact their emotional health. If your employees must work within an office, then be sure to open up the space with proper windows and lighting. Spending time in green spaces has been shown to reduce stress. While you might not be able to set your offices up in a park, you can bring elements from outside to the indoors. Adding a few plants and other nature-inspired touches such as a desktop waterfall makes the indoor area feel calmer.

Encourage Personal Touches

Finally, you want your employees to have a place that they can retreat to when they feel overwhelmed. Encourage your employees to do things such as place a family photo on their desk that inspires their happiness. Those with personal offices may also like to add a few decorative touches such as paintings on the wall that are aligned with your company’s goals. Having a personal item or two to look to for motivation helps your employees feel more at home.

Creating a calming workplace environment is as simple as taking an honest look at what makes your employees feel stressed out. Doing things such as reducing excessive noise and making indoor areas feel more natural gives your employees an opportunity to relax as they go about their work. Once you make your changes, be sure to check out the results by observing how much more work gets done when everyone feels relaxed.

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