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4 Ways To Save Energy Costs At Your Business

June 4, 2020

A rising or consistently-high energy bill can put a cramp on long-term profitability, which is why many businesses consider it as part of larger cost-saving measures. Despite general awareness of power expenses, many companies still have a lot of room for improvement when it comes to equipment, personnel and policies. Combining conventional and innovative power-saving strategies not only saves money, it also reduces environmental impact and helps develop a more responsible workplace culture.

Audit and Track Energy Usage

The first step towards lowering energy costs is to identify sources of energy expenditure and prioritize them according to magnitude. Once you have a firm grasp on all energy usage within the company, you can start instituting control measures and gauge the results. Business leaders should try to use this information to continue improving efficiency and seize new opportunities for savings.

Improve HVAC Efficiency

Commercial heating and air conditioning systems can consume an incredible amount of energy, especially in climates with extreme seasonal temperatures. There are many factors that influence the overall efficiency of your HVAC equipment, particularly structural insulation of the building and maintenance or upkeep of the system itself. Companies with large structures to condition should also consider partitioning and dividing space to focus their heating or cooling to areas where people spend most of their time.

Install Efficient Fixtures and Appliances

LED fixtures to replace conventional lighting components is just one of the ways that modern technology can help you save money without sacrificing quality of life. Adding automatic turn-off features for interior lighting, computers and other electrical equipment can make a big difference on monthly expenses. Talk to your commercial electrical services provider about the opportunities presented by energy-efficient technology.

Augment with Solar Panels

Solar technology is not a perfect solution, but ongoing developments in the field have made it an affordable, accessible and effective option for many companies. Installing solar panels on the roof or elsewhere on the property can defray long-term operating expenses and reduce the company’s overall environmental impact. Businesses should also examine the possibility of qualifying for local or federal incentive programs that are applicable to their industry or area.

Cutting down on energy costs requires a combined approach that addresses all of the major factors that contribute to waste. Training employees, changing company policy and investing in new equipment are all necessary components of any comprehensive resource management strategy.

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