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5 Best Natural Treatments For Snoring

April 11, 2016

One of the major irritants of life is snoring. It not only affects our sleep, but it also causes disturbance to the person sleeping next to us. Usually, snoring takes place when your airway becomes narrower. Most of us make the mistake of taking it lightly, but know that snoring is anything but normal. In some cases, what you mistake as snoring might also be sleep apnea – a life-threatening condition where you stop breathing for a few minutes or few seconds. Before you think about consulting a physician, try out some of the best snoring remedies, which are not only natural but are also inexpensive compared to nasal surgeries.

  1. Exercise, Exercise and Exercise

We all know that weight loss is beneficial to us in a substantial number of ways. Well, it is also the best snoring remedy. Also, research says that people who have gained a few inches here and there are at a risk of developing sleep apnea. As always, prevention is better than cure. So, watch what you eat and make it a point to exercise regularly.

  1. Designer Pillows? A big NO

Although it has been proven that if you dry different neck positions, your airway can get either enlarged or narrow down, there is little support for the fact that fancy pillows will help you to get rid of snoring. Another thing that you need to do is dust your pillows every day at least in order to stop the building up of dust mites in your pillow. Dust mites are often one of the major causes of snoring.

Also, if you have a pet around, make sure that you do not let it sleep on your bed as you have the chance of inhaling animal dander – another major reason of snoring.

  1. Abstain From Smoking and Drinking

There is enough scientific evidence to prove that drinking before sleeping at night leads to snoring. This is because alcohol lessens the intensity of the muscles at the back of your throat. The same goes for sleeping pills. All the smokers out there should know that smoking is another main reason behind snoring. When you smoke, your upper airway gets inflamed because of which, this nuisance occurs.

  1. Time for another Sleep Position

It is usually recommended that you sleep on your side as lying on your back leads to the crumbling of the soft palate and tongue, which in turn ushers the way for a jerking sound while sleeping. If you are habituated with sleeping on your back, you can easily get rid of this (bad) habit, by getting a body pillow and keeping it next to you, which helps you to sleep on your side.

  1. Make Sure that Your Sleeping Pattern Is Regular

See to it that you are getting minimum eight hours sleep every night. If you tire yourself out each day with work and other duties and do not get a sound sleep every night, your muscles become too relaxed, and you tend to snore.

If none of the above works for you, then consider some medication. Visit your physician to know the medicine that can work best for you. You can also try nasal drops that should be taken right before going to sleep to avoid snoring. According to many, it is the best snoring remedy.

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