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5 Best Websites To Get A Family Tree

By admin
November 26, 2015

Tracing your ancestry is not a walk in the park for anyone. However several websites on the internet have started to build a database to ensure that you’re able to seamlessly trace your roots to your ancestors. Here is a list of 5 websites that helps you in finding your ancestry.

Ever wondered that the person sitting next to you might be a distant cousin of yours? Or that you and your best friend might be related somehow? To solve this problem, many websites have emerged that enables you to create your family tree chart. Thus, here is a list of 5 best sites for making a family tree.


Started in 2000, this website has earned a reputation like none else. It contains family trees of over 300,000 members with 250 million names and 4 million photos.

Various tools present on the website enables the users to create a family tree chart swiftly. Family members of the users are allowed to view or update the family tree. But privacy is given utmost priority. Overall the staggering number of users and minimalist design of the site makes it a unique experience.


One of the most popular genealogy sites which gives you access to billions of document and reports and tools to make a family tree. It enables users to upload pictures, and collaborate with other members and professional researchers.
Affordable membership and its easy to learn interface makes it into the topmost ranking among similar sites.


This website possesses all the qualities of a top genealogy search engine. It encourages users to involve your whole family into the process of creating a family tree chart. Further, innovative kid’s games and ease of sharing your family tree chart takes the experience to a whole new level.

However, the lack of assistance from professional genealogists may be a deterrent to some, but overall the services offered are at par with top websites.


The website boasts of over 1.6 billion records from as back as the 1200s. This genealogy search engine is quite capable of scanning through the entire record even of you don’t have the precise information, which is unique for such a website.

The website contains articles related to tips and guides for making a family tree efficiently. Despite the lack of a certain extra feature like DNA testing, the website is a perfect place to create and store your family tree chart.


The main goal of this website is to make a family tree of the entire planet accessible. It is more of a cooperative research project than a conventional genealogy search engine. The USP lies in the reliability of the data on the website as it has to pass through the process of validation and cross checking before one can use it.

The active users on these websites contribute immensely to the accuracy of information present on the website. Thus, users are bound to have a great time finding their ancestors and making their family trees for the whole world to see.

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