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5 Easy Ways To Find The Right Lawyer At The Right Time

May 2, 2017

Although legal situations often seem to drag on, it’s important to hire a lawyer quickly to ensure you’re ready from day one. Even if your court date is still some time away, your lawyer will need time to prepare thoroughly, and the more time your lawyer has to prepare, the better prepared you’ll both be. Here are five easy ways to find the right lawyer at the right time.

Ask Friends and Family

Like other professionals, lawyers often rely on referrals from previous clients to reach out. If you need a lawyer quickly, consider asking those you know if they know of a great lawyer you can contact. Lawyers build their careers on their reputations, and those who’ve received praise from your contacts have a proven track record for success. The people you know might have personal experience with specific lawyers, so ask close friends if they’re willing to recommend a lawyer, or ask around on your behalf. A second-degree recommendation should be taken with a grain of salt but could be better than calling a number on a billboard.

Use a Referral Service

Referral services connect potential clients with lawyers and are paid by the lawyer chosen for their work. Because they are designed to connect people with lawyers with relevant expertise, these services can be a great way to find a lawyer quickly. Furthermore, these referral services can often find a lawyer who is available immediately, letting you meet in person quickly. Many services have extensive networks, granting them access to a large cache of options. They typically work quickly as well, so feel free to try out multiple services before deciding on a lawyer.

Check Local Advertisements

One of the benefits of using local advertisement services is that lawyers who use them typically have a fairly low workload. This helps you meet with lawyers quickly, letting you get started right away. Many lawyers who advertise are relatively new, so you might want to investigate if a potential candidate has experience that can help your case. Newspapers are a great place to look, but you can also look for online ads by searching for keywords pertaining to your type of case.

Ask Online

Various online forums provide venues for people asking legal questions. While these sites are meant to be informative, they also serve as a means for lawyers to advertise their services. These platforms let lawyers pitch to you at no cost, and you’re likely to have several pitches to consider. Ask for a brief phone interview with lawyers who respond to determine if the one you contact is right for your case. If you only want a lawyer located nearby, make sure to mention this in your post to avoid pitches from lawyers in different areas.

Online Review Services

Perhaps the best way to find a lawyer is to investigate online review sites. These sites contain ample information about lawyers, and they let individuals explain their experiences in detail. Make sure to read full reviews as even seemingly negative reviews might indicate that a particular lawyer has certain traits you’re looking for. A reviewer who states that a lawyer was persistent and aggressive, for example, might indicate that the lawyer is ideal for your particular case. Information posted by firms on their own sites can be useful as well since clients often go into great detail about their experiences. Reviews are incredibly easy to find and can be as simple as searching “reviews of Lexington Law” or something like it for any law firm you see.

Hiring a lawyer is essential when you’re faced with most legal issues. However, it’s also important to hire the right individual or firm that matches your needs; choosing correctly can have a significant impact on how your issues are ultimately resolved. While it’s always best to take your time when hiring a lawyer, ensure you’re ready for court once the day arrives. Fortunately, there are options available to help you hire a great lawyer even with a short time frame.

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